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  1. Doc Watson

    Make the Noise!!

    Stumbled across this...careful it's addictive. Two guys one shed and the task at hand involves fitting a 2 ltr turbo corolla 4wd into an original mini shell.
  2. Doc Watson

    Electric Mustang?!?

    Ford to release an all electric Mustang.... Discuss.....
  3. Doc Watson

    Pictures work!!!!!!

    Just tested and it works.... another test.... Yay, thanks Ron...
  4. Doc Watson

    zf-0 type plate

    Does the ZF-0 come with a type plate? I have seen them on the zf -1 and -2 boxes but not on a -0. Mine dosent have one ( zf-0) and this plate is supposed to have a 10 digit serial number starting with 1031 (according to ZF Germany) There is a cast number in the rear gearbox which is...
  5. Doc Watson

    ZF rear cover nut torque

    After receiving my zf -0, I filled it will oil and every week I spin it for about 2 minutes to ensure the oil is moved around the internals. According to Paul Flemming they can 'rust up' if left dry for a period of time. The box was inspected cleaned and new seals were installed by Paul. I...
  6. Doc Watson

    Beowolf cluster

    Like I've got nothing else to do.... 21 Raspberry pi -3's (computer the size of a credit card) all linked in a Beowolf cluster to produce a computer 5 times as powerful as a high spec pc, for about the same money but running on about 1/5 the power.........nice......
  7. Doc Watson

    Andy Booth (GT Gold Parts)

    Andy came up with some unobtanium for me, original spec remanufactured loom, steering rack, hinges, front and rear clip parrots and brackets, and an original fuel selector...nice.
  8. Doc Watson

    Name that chassis...

    looks early, with that Colotti...
  9. Doc Watson

    zf-0 clutch slave arm

    Where the hell do I find one?
  10. Doc Watson

    Clutch on a zf-0

    I need to spec a clutch for my car. Got a zf-0 which has had a medical with Paul and passed with flying colours and bellhousing to boot. Car will be mainly road driven with a max of 400HP. 289ci internal balanced with 65 hipo iron heads (if I can find some). What clutch would you...
  11. Doc Watson

    Penalty Shootout

    I actually fell off my chair........ obviously set piece tv but great...
  12. Doc Watson

    Rear suspension radius link...

    Can anybody tell me how long the upper and lower radius links are. I think I have found the inserts for the rod ends which will be brazed onto steel bar. The measurement required is the total length without rod ends installed. Andy
  13. Doc Watson

    FIA HTP for a gt40.....

    I am hoping to get a historic technical passport (HTP) for my car and so have been in contact with one of the registrars as I need to know about various parts that need to be ordered now. The car will be classed in group F. UK registration process can be found in reference 1 and the FIA...
  14. Doc Watson

    Convex or Concave headlight glass on a Mk 1?

    I have found some original headlights and spots but have a choice of convex or concave glass on the main headlights. Does anybody know which would be used in a Mk 1 (circa 1965?) Andy
  15. Doc Watson

    Jay Cushman

    Ordered a set of front uprights just before Christmas from Jay and after a short stop with her Majesty's Customs (which required my wallet to set them free) arrived today. Many Thanks Jay superb quality. This is my Christmas present to Andy
  16. Doc Watson

    What colour for my Mk I?

    It seems to change every month so I thought I would ask...
  17. Doc Watson

    Frank Catt

    Big thanks to Frank for sourcing a gearbox and other parts for my build, a straight up kinda guy who has turned my build around and I'm rapidly heading towards a rolling chassis. Thanks Frank, Andy
  18. Doc Watson

    Mk 1 Halibrand wheels

    I'm about to order a set of aluminium one piece halibrand wheels for my car. I have found a supplier for mag wheels but as the car will be mostly road use I preferr the aluminium. I am using 15" x 8" front and 15" x 10" rear, 6 pin on 4.25" PCD. so.... what offset do I need? I have ordered...
  19. Doc Watson

    sieg x2 clone milling machine....

    Just got hold of one of these.....see pic Sold by Machine Mart Brand Clarke CMD300 3-axis mill Was originally looking for a decent TIG welder and walked out the shop with the mill and a few other goodies. Smuggled the pallet (they delivered a pallet!! with all the tools I had acquired...
  20. Doc Watson

    Gapping a mono chassis

    After another member of the family was lost to cancer within 2 years (brother, dad and now mum) I am hoping to start welding the final parts of my 'Mirage Automotive' mono chassis together. I know there are set procedures for gapping the roof, doors, front and rear clips for various makes of...