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  1. Dan carter

    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    Kurt I too am using Speedhut. I made a stupid mistake that I will share. The tank gauge is programmable. I didn’t think about it when I wired it but I wired the gauge as an accessory but wired the tank sensor with ignition. So naturally I kept trying to set the gauge using accessory power...
  2. Dan carter

    Dan's Build

    I set my idle at 875.....working well so far
  3. Dan carter

    Dan's Build

    Del My stalls were street driving stalls mainly when coming to a stop. They were very inconsistent hence very hard to isolate. When I read about this in the school books, I made their recommended adjustment and it seems to have stopped the problem. I too am mainly tuning for street drive...
  4. Dan carter

    Dan's Build

    Many if not most of us gear heads focus a lot on mechanical things to solve problems (at least I do). Anyway, I ventured off into a new world by attempting to learn as much as I could about the tuning process, so I ordered a tuning school course. Wow, there are so many ways to screw up your car...
  5. Dan carter

    S2's Build Thread

    Scott Your build and attention to detail is certainly impressive, bit why didn’t you build yours first so I could have copied your’s not
  6. Dan carter

    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    Hey Del How do you plan to secure your windows, urethane or mechanical or both? What tint product have you found that will stick to poly?
  7. Dan carter

    EVAP Solenoid Valve LS3

    I installed the II Much can, and I have ZERO smell. It works as advertised.
  8. Dan carter

    LS3/480 Tune

    Bit the bullet....I’m going to tuning school. I’ve spent enough money to have attended it already anyway. Had to buy the hardware /software for remote tuning so might as well learn how to use it. Don’t expect to be a super tuner, just better understand what the secret seems to be all about...
  9. Dan carter

    LS3/480 Tune

    I don’t recall, so I will have to confirm that, but I would say I did. Went on a 10 mile drive with many stop and goes. It only stalled one time while pulling into the subdivision. I didn’t stall it myself, rather I was idling to a stop and it just quit. I will take a look at idle RPM with...
  10. Dan carter

    LS3/480 Tune

    If anyone has an LS3/480 tune they think is really good, if your willing and able I would like to compare it to the one I have. I have the HP tuner tools and software and would appreciate anyone sharing if willing. I'm having a random stall issue that's new, but not sure where its at. Thanks
  11. Dan carter

    Dan's Build

    I want to say it’s talent, but that would be I have been using this Raptor product for a lot of other car projects and have been impressed with its project flexibility. It’s also tintable so I have used it to protect vulnerable parts for debris damage. It has worked well and after...
  12. Dan carter

    Dan's Build

    A new window development. Earlier in my build I conducted a product test on making a Frit for the door/rear windshields. At that time, I did not conduct a pull test and I did not complete a time test to see how well the selected Krylon (molecularly bonds-“riigghhttt”) would hold. Well now I know...
  13. Dan carter

    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Stephen This is some very impressive work. Got an ETA on a start up?
  14. Dan carter

    Mazda Door Locks - I'm stuck

    mark Not sure why I was lucky, but my Z bracket kept hitting the inside door. Go figure.
  15. Dan carter

    CamT's build thread

    Looks great Cam. I hear there is a Green one running around town.......have you seen Had to say it Cam.
  16. Dan carter

    CamT's build thread

    Hey Cam I note the post was 2:05 you ever sleep?
  17. Dan carter

    A/C will not work

    Tony All can recall is it is straight piece of tubing that the local AC shop told me to use. I’m moving so all my books are packed. I’ll bet one of your local shop will know exactly what that is.
  18. Dan carter

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Joel. Two questions 1. I see to adjust the pedal, you need to get to that back bolt. Have you tried to physically get into the footwell with pedal and steering column installed? I don’t fit 2. What impact is that direct heat source on the booster going to have? Is that the wife’s...
  19. Dan carter

    A/C will not work

    Tony I recall an unusual connection from the Infinity Master cell and the Vintage Air relay. I had to call Jay at Infinity to get it right. I also had to modify the Vintage box to make it fit so I had to replace the “regulator” with an inline unit. I’m not the AC expert on this, but it wasn’t...
  20. Dan carter

    Slc inner fenders

    here is a front shot. Got to find a better shot of the rear. Do you have street tail or race tail. Takes some work on the street tail.