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    DRB GT40 owners.

    Questions for all you DRB owners out there.. What don’t you like about them after building and driving? What improvements would you make if building again? Cheers
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    DRB driveshafts

    Just collecting parts for the build. Can anyone advise what driveshafts are being used for the DRB’s? Are they bespoke or standard Porsche 911 or some such? Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    G’day All. I’m now seriously thinking of going with an LS3 into #97. I know it’s sacrilege, so keep the responses kind please.:thumbsup: Just after advice from the few that may have already done so in a DRB and any suggestions they can offer. I will no doubt have many questions in future with...
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    G’day from Downunder

    Hi All Just wanted to introduce myself and say G’day to all. I have been lurking on the forum for a while now as an interested party. I am now the proud new owner of a GT40 project DRB#97.:thumbsup: Cheers Kyle