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    MK1 vs Mk2 body kits

    Actually GTD produced a Mk.II body many years ago.
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Massive achievement, well done. Regards, Graham
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    Gt40 prototype Borrani wheels

    These are the correct pattern Borrani's as used on the early GT40s and prototypes. The later ones weren't chrome plated, they were also painted but the aluminium rim was polished. There are a few sets still around, I have seen them offered for sale in the past but admittedly not recently. They...
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    Transaxle painted?

    No. Regards,
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    Body Fitment

    Hi Steve, The main problem that you have here is that the doors don't match the front clip. The doors are from a kit/replica whereas the front clip has the same curvature (just below the fuel filler) as an original. To save yourself an awful lot of hassle I would ditch those doors and get some...
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    Show us your GT40!

    They came from me. Regards,
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    P 1087

    Indeed he did. I supplied quite a few parts for all three. Regards,
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    P 1087

    John Wilment already had the right to build these 3 GT40s which were each built on a Tennant Panels chassis, there were no original chassis left, unused or otherwise. Regards,
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    Brake and Clutch Reservoirs on Original GT40s

    Actually that's not correct. Some Mk.II's had them and some didn't depending on the chassis number. For example - 1015 and 1016 didn't have them as the holes weren't introduced until chassis number 1018 (with a couple of exceptions). Chassis numbers after this did have them which includes 1046...
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    The club ?

    Bravo John.
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    The club ?

    If you want to rejoin the club, contact me direct and I will sort this out for you. Regards,
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    The club ?

    If you have any problems trying to join or renew club membership, feel free to contact me as despite the inaccurate statement by Frank Catt, who is not a member of the club, I am still the membership secretary.
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    The club ?

    If you want to discuss aspects of the club website then you should really do it on the club forum. Just to put matters straight, John Cleland is still the club chairman and will remain so until the next AGM.
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    Brake and Clutch Reservoirs on Original GT40s

    There was a small cover that fitted over the exposed tops of the reservoirs complete with a cork seal.
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    Gt40 Exhaust for 302 engine

    The exhaust made by Tony Law Exhausts is copied from the original that I supplied them with.
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    Turn Lever AND Toggle?

    Not sure, probably fore and aft.
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    Turn Lever AND Toggle?

    The lever on the column was for the headlamp main beam.
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    Tool Roll / Kit

    A definite no.
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    Superformance Future GT 40

    Not my cup of tea but I think that it looks spectacular. Regards,