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    GTD GT40 For Sale - *SOLD*

    1990 Build Essex Wire Livery RHD/RHS California Reg Located in Monterey, California $57000 obo Please reply to [email protected], please include name and phone number, not interested in trades right now, but thanks anyways.
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    GTD For Sale

    Here are the details: 1990 Build Essex Wire Livery RHD/RHS California Reg Located in Monterey, California $59000 obo For more details and pics please see: 1990 GTD GT40 Please reply via the Craigslist ad (mention so I know where the response came from, or you can...
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    Gauging interest in possible GTD for sale

    I have come to a point where I might consider letting someone else fufill their dreams as I did mine 5 years ago. I have thought about this for a while now, resisting all the way, but just dont have as much time to enjoy the car as I once did, mind you I dont have to sell it but wanted to...
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    Monterey Pre-Historic Tour

    On August 16 (Thursday) a group of us (about 8-10 cars) are going to take a small tour of the Monterey area winding up at Laguna Seca for a couple of hours and then over the hill to Baja Cantina on Carmel Valley Rd. Where they have a nice outside picnic served (@ $10) as well as a small regular...
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    Long Awaited Mustang Dyno Run

    This is not a tale of over the top HP, but rather a accounting of a real world street car engine. I know its not a run on my 40, but we finally have a local Dynojet (yeah !) so I brought out my '65 Mustang Fastback to finally record a dyno run on the engine I built for it some 3 1/2 years ago...
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    Greetings From Monterey

    Here is a small sampling of the Monterey Pre-Historics as seen earlier today. Yahoo Briefcase - Click On Monterey 2004 For Pics
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    Questions On Uprights

    I really did use the search feature, in fact I read every post going back some three years on the subject. My question has to do with aluminum rear uprights, as i understand it, if I want to retain my drive flanges, etc. (early GTD) I can use either the Gardner Douglas T70 units (480 GBP fronts...
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    Can Anyone ID This Chassis #

    This has actually been bugging me for some time, cant seem to find the identity of this chassis number, the car was at the Monterey Historics last August. It is an early chassis (note the dual tail lights) and has the vents in the roof line behind the doors. Its been painted the 1075 color...
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    If A GT40 isnt fast enough for you

    F-18 Hornet
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    Monterey Pre-Historic Pics

    Armed with a new 128mb memory card for the camera and an hour of spare time, heres pictures of the Monterey Prehistorics taken earlier today. More to come as the events unfold throughout the week. Yahoo Briefcase - Monterey 2003
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    KVA MK III - California Version (w/pics)

    As Before, with some mechanical upgrades (new clutch, Fr. Tires, Alignment, Etc.) available for a short time (until the auction details are worked out) $28,500 Contact: Chris Kogan 831-394-7300 (PDT)
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    Popular Science Article

    This might have already been covered, but June issue of Popular Science has a 7 page article on the new GT with comparisons to the original MK3, Modena, Viper. pictures of the frame, interior, under the bonnet, etc. as well as an interesting overview of the technology employed to cunstruct the...
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    MK III For Sale

    KVA Mark III, as far as I know, probably the only driving example on the North American Continent. Light blue exterior w/ black interior, leather dash, Corbeau GT40 replica seats, Willans Harnesses, RHD w/ RH shift,currently with a Ford V6 and Porsche 901 transaxle. Totallly new aluminum...
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    My Introduction - Hello All !

    Hello to all, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Chris Kogan and I've been lurking around here for some time. Needless to say the GT40 has been my all time favorite car since I can remember I never thought I'd have a chance to own one, (at six digits plus) but when I...