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    Valve cover breathers and steam ports?

    I know this is probably a dumb question... But, I don't have any breather ports on my valve covers. Do I need them? I'm running a SBC. I also don't know where/how to plumb the steam ports either? I've never worked on a SBC before so I'm really trying to understand the basics. Sorry for asking...
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    Inertia switch and rollover valve?

    I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I haven't seen much talk about an inertia switch. I have one in my Daytona. I assume I should have one for my SLC? Has anyone posted the wiring for it? Is the wiring different because of the inifinity system? And... What about a rollover valve for the...
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    Residual Valve Recommendations?

    Can someone help me decide which residual valves to get for my SLC? I see that there are 2lb and 10lb options and several manufacturers?
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    What do I do 1st?

    Ok, I'm ready to actually start building my SLC Superlite. I have it disassembled and cleaned up and of course I've been ordering parts in preparation... Now, what do I do 1st? Do I start installing heat shielding and sound dampening or do I start building, then take it all apart and do heat...
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    Can someone recommend an alternator (SBC)?

    I have a SBC with a Ricardo in my slc. I'm also using the infinity box for my electrical system. I also have an NRE Alien Intake and Meziere v-belt style water pump. Can anyone recommend which alternator would be a good choice for a SBC under these conditions? I'm also using the infinity box for...
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    Just got my SLC... HELP!

    I just got my SLC and have been slowly disassembling it and studying the car as well as every video and blog I can find. I have so many questions! I have to decide about whether or not to install an accusump or oil cooler? I don't completely understand the cooling system since I have an NRE...