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    GT40 Exterior Door Handles

    Hi All, Does anyone have any original type exterior door handles for sale? Unfinished castings are acceptable. Regards,
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    Wtd: Mk.I Spare Wheel Cover/Nostril Panel

    Hi all, Anyone have an original or moulded from an original spare wheel cover/twin nostril panel? UK preferably. I know that Jay Cushman produces these but will be very expensive to import. Regards,
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    GT40P/1028 coming up for auction at Monterey in August: First Ford GT40 Road Car in North America - Photos, Profile I had to mention this since it gives me a mention :) Regards,
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    WTD: Door Lock Striker Plates

    Does anyone have a pair of original type door lock striker plates for sale? Pretty please. Regards
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    WTD: GT40 Rear Clip

    Hi all, I'm in need of an original (or moulded from an original) rear clip. It needs to be the original, narrow style to suit Borrani wire wheels, UK if possible. Regards,
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    Battery Box Dimensions

    Hi All, Can someone with access to a genuine car or genuine-type monocoque help me with the battery box dimensions please? I'm after the internal height, width and depth of the battery box when mounted in the left sill in the engine bay. Many thanks in advance. Regards,
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    ZF to crossmember spacer

    Hi, Bit of a long shot this: does anyone have a drawing or a decent photo of the spacer that fits between the top lugs of the ZF and the detachable crossmember? I need to get a couple made up for my own build and I'm quite happy to have an extra pair made if required for whoever can help...
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    Ronnie Spain's Forthcoming Book

    Hi all, I called on my old mate Ronnie Spain a couple of weeks ago, having not seen him in quite some time. I couldn't help wondering why his new book was taking so long until he showed me all the new photos and information that he'd uncovered since my last visit. No wonder it's taking him so...
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    My GT40 Filmed 20 Years Ago

    This is my Ford GT40 Mk.I Road Car replica filmed 20 years ago. I've had to transfer from video to dvd so the quality isn't HD but it's pretty good. The car is currently being rebuilt, more of which anon. I hope you enjoy the clip: <iframe width="560" height="315"...
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    GT40 Mk.I Road Car Number Plate Question

    Hi All, On British registered road cars such as the press demonstrator GT40P/1013 which carried the registration number OVX 355D, the front registration was carried on some sort of bracket fixed to the front lift bar. Does anyone have any details or photos of this bracket and what the...
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    Not So New Guy

    Hi All, I have frequented these pages before although not for about 9 years and was an early member. Unfortunately, my GT40 (HOB 111D) has been stood, in pieces, for much longer :( I've just relocated my car from Leeds in the UK to a new home in North Yorkshire so my intention is to get it...