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    Fully vented spare tire cover

    Sorry back in with GT40s again and looking at the Shelby Registry on a specific SPF GT40 and it says "fully vented spare tire cover". I heard that SPF would delete the ac. What is this setup then? Thanks, Randy
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    First time front clip removal

    Any tricks to remove the front clip? Read the owner's manual, looks straight forward. Thanks, Randy
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    Paint Codes

    I found out my car is painted Bright White with Indigo stripes. I also received a very complex formula for the Bright White using Glasurit paints. Question: is there a generic PPG code available? Not worried about the stripe color just the white.........I want to some touch ups here and...
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    Wiper Question

    My wiper assembly appears to have too much slop in the attachment points and wants to come off. Curious if there is another part I'm missing. The allen screw attachment needs more depth to fully seat. Randy
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    Painting wheels

    I really want to paint my wheels either black or blue to match my stripes on my GT40. Curious what paint you used, I see Eastwood and others have kits, just seeing what works. Thanks, Randy
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    Newbie SPFGT40 Questions

    What options are available to move the seat forward more? I noticed several pics of wedges behind the seats... VIN Plate: I have contacted SPF and read in the Shelby Registry that some early cars came without VIN Plates, mine is not in the engine bay, still waiting on all my papers from the...
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    Austin, Tx. GT40 GURU

    I heard there was a GT40 GURU in the Austin, Tx. vicinity..........curious if anyone has his contact information. Sorting out my SPF GT40. Thanks, Randy
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    Howdy From Texas

    Howdy from Texas! Just acquired Superformance GT40P2116 which had 244 miles! White with Blue Stripes, Roush 427R ..........can't wait to get it registered......still on MSO.