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    M6B Tragic

    Hi Udo ???? Hope you are OK .... Any progress on your built ? Will look forward to watch more if you did more work on your very very nice project !!!! I just achieve an replica of the Le mans Lancia Stratos and probably will start M6GT project in 2020 !
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    Door Fabrication Technique/Method

    Normaly there is a flange all around the edges of each side mold ; so after laminating each side with both molds "separated ", edges are carefully trimmed and molds are bolted one together with a compound made of resin and 'flocks" ( quality of this bonding stuff is very important to insure a...
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    Stéphane GT40 French Build

    LOL ; Yes Eddy Boite de vitesse is Box of speed say Box of gears ( due to vitesse is same world for speed and gear !!) Stéphane C'est bien d'avoir déjà pris votre carrosserie ; il est indispensable de l'avoir sous la main pour très souvent s'y reporter afin d’être sur que le "central de...
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    Stéphane GT40 French Build

    Bonjour Stéphane Very nice welding table for this big project you are starting !!! Just keep posting progress of your built French GT 40 builder's are so rare !!!! Bon courage Will you do a youtube video blog ???
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    I want to build molds

    I contacted recently a company close to me able to machine in 3D the 1/1 scale foam plug for avery very intersting price , doing all bonnets and parts like hood or door separatly ,then assembling and correcting the final shape so all flanges will be quickly done !!!! Only concern is to draw in...
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    I want to build molds

    HI John Interesting starting thread !! Just one question ? why do you want to replicate an Gt 40 and do molds ?as there so many suppliers of this standard shape with quite intersting prices comparativly to the work and material to invest ( flanges to do plus material for mold and material for...
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    Yes .... you are right !!! Just look at youtub..... seems there are know some more "behind the scenes"........ May be we will be more fan of an 2 hours film of those !!! LOL
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    There in france there is also some interest to the film ..... Being an "old crocodile" from Le mans story ( more than 40 times on track with so many different task from 1967 to 2007!!) I have to confess that I was really nicely impressed by the work they did to rebuilt the pits ( outside and...
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    1966 scrutineering (tech) decal?

    May be some informations for you to understand more about scruteneer logos at le mans ; 1/on years 50's there where only some rondos on some cars 2/the real scrutineering stickers (sticked outside the car speaking) started in 1973 and each years until now they changed colors and printing , on...
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    Very risky to order parts to GTforte !!! Specially after so many advises and bad stories about the way this man is working with customers !!!! It was so much effective to do a quick cross channel to Portsmouth from Caen and just pick up your windsreen safely and surely from Southern Gt , having...
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    Hello Benjamin You seems to have started a nice project ; and you are quite well set to achieve this with your well equiped workshop..... I was so surprised you did not fire the big sheet of white paperdrawing giving you the template to tackweld those first tubes !!!!! LOL Keep your good...
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Stratos project is already achieved ........
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Hello Samuel Thanks for your comments Will look forward to watch your 906 building thread !!! Just finishing actually to assemble my Le mans Stratos replica and CAD drawing all 910 suspension stuff
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    tubular or monocoque ?

    That would be the hardest point !!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked::shocked: You are not far from that amount Specially if starting with the wrong parts !!!!!
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    LOLA T70 scratch build...

    Good to see you are back to the built !!!! just keep on your good work ....
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    racecar build

    Hello Peter Am following with interest your built May I give you an advise of a detail to check ? I read you did wrong form ( dimension ) of your front whishbone ( so another set to come ) but seems you are using very very small spherical bearings on top and lower points of uprights ...
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    The Spa "Six Hour" race meeting

    Will follow you thru the net as like you are telling about weather and I lived when racing there with LMP's I am not keen to go and get rain every 2 hours or so !!! LOL :embarassed: Good luck for your Belgium week end !!! :thumbsup:
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    many thanks Udo !!
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    GTD40 Tail lights !!!

    Accurate explanations of the story of those parts :thumbsup: