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  1. MotorEddy

    the right braking system

    @Shed Racing @Paulbav Thanks - every day is a school day!
  2. MotorEddy

    the right braking system

    Ah...of course. My description only works of the calipers have same-sized pistons. If you're using calipers with differently-sized pistons then they have a leading/trailing orientation. Smaller piston at the leading side, to combat uneven pad wear. Silly me.
  3. MotorEddy

    AEM Pumps

    I thought you'd be using a couple of low-pressure pumps (one per main tank) to feed the swirl pot, then one of these:- from swirl pot to fuel rail -> fuel pressure regulator -> back to swirl pot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you want to feed your swirl pot via an unregulated...
  4. MotorEddy

    the right braking system

    Yebbut....imagine if PaulBav removed the entire upright & brake assembly and moved it to the opposite side of the car. The caliper would then be in the leading position, but still correctly-orientated with bleed nipple at the top. Granted, the handbrake cable would need to be longer and routed...
  5. MotorEddy

    the right braking system

    I think the AP CP5040 / CP5200 family fit inside a 15" wheel, and have been widely used on replica GT40s. Here's a drawing with dimensions:- And this is one fitted to PaulBav's car:-
  6. MotorEddy

    Stéphane GT40 French Build

    Does my schoolboy French fail me, or is an 01E called a "box of speeds"? I shall never refer to a gearbox as anything else from now on.
  7. MotorEddy

    Cheshire SGT build

    I'm in exactly the same position as you, and discovered the obsession with perfection was actually stopping me from making any progress at all! In fact, I still haven't finished / rivetted those same panels you're working on...!
  8. MotorEddy

    Cheshire SGT build

    I think that your eye is drawn to them at the moment, partly because you have been concentrating on profiling that panel around the weld bead, and partly because the engine bay is empty. Once it's full of Ford v8, fuel pumps, header tank, four x Webers and a convoluted exhaust manifold neither...
  9. MotorEddy

    Cheshire SGT build

    Hi Ed Mine are attached directly to the frame in that location (OK - clecos only at the moment, but planning on rivetting them permanently this weekend) Cheers, Ed
  10. MotorEddy

    Make the Noise!!

    Been following these guys from the beginning - it's the only thing on YouTube for which I have "new episode alerts" enabled. There's some great fabrication on display, loads of in-jokes and running gags, and some top building tips for all car builders out there. Forget Breaking Bad or Game of...
  11. MotorEddy

    NEC Classic Motor Show - 8-10 November 2019

    It was great to meet all those present on Friday - thanks for making me feel so welcome. Lots of you offered plenty of hard-won advice which will be invaluable as I continue to (slowly) build SGT #48, so thanks again.
  12. MotorEddy

    Alan's RCR40

    Hi Alan Just a thought - take a look at the bottom right corner of page 37 of this catalogue:- I think you have the same high-strength steering UJs, which need to be torqued to 70Nm (about 50lb-ft) to successfully clamp the spline. Cheers, Eddy
  13. MotorEddy

    GTD Turn Signal unit

    I think what you might have there is a Lucas L594 - used on lots of British cars for many years. Even my Dad's 1964 Slough-assembled Citroen ID19 Estate had Lucas electrics...some law about having to use a certain percentage of British parts to get around import duties on cars from "the rest of...
  14. MotorEddy

    Cheshire SGT build

    Hello? Did someone call? Ed in Lancashire SGT #48 (sloooowly)
  15. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Hi Ian Thanks for your comments. The pedal box has been quickly assembled for the photos, though in fact the balance bar has enough travel to pivot until it eventually contacts the balance bar both directions. It's also my plan to move both clevises (clevii?) outward slightly, and...
  16. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Finished Note the following items:- Careful application of bird droppings in place of actual MIG welds One of the black anodised clevises on the brake balance bar had a sloppy fit as delivered, causing an annoying amount of play on the brake pedal, so I made a replacement clevis (the...
  17. MotorEddy

    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    Hi Ian That was my first thought when I saw what he was up to. Except his rip-off is nowhere near as nicely designed and engineered as your cars, of course. Hope you're keeping well. Eddy
  18. MotorEddy

    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    Mentioned earlier here I realise that the fog light may come back on when the headlights are...
  19. MotorEddy

    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    As I said, the Note 4 is optional, not mandatory, and was introduced in 2013 to allow some imported Japanese vehicles to pass IVA with a fog light that worked as described in option 4. Unfortunately this caused much confusion amongst constructors, who read it as a mandatory requirement, not...
  20. MotorEddy

    SPA Six Hours 2019

    Maybe they have a data-logging system installed, and are downloading logs?