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    Mufflers or Megaphones?

    you could always get a "smart" muffler that you can adjust with your phone! It goes from a chambered muffler that you can open up a valve to turn it into a straight pipe..
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    im talking about your gear set that your company engineered.. This one.. it said its in either straight cut or helical, so which option would be the stronger option.
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    well considering you make them in both a straight cut and also a helical, which one would be stronger in this instance?
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    i know.. but those 1000+ hp cars are still making 800+ lbft of torque.. so the point still stands that the straight cut gears in this instance is much stronger then stock..
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    Was doing a little reading on how strong the 01e box is, and Audi guys are putting 1000+ hp through the awd box with straight cut gear swap. So it seems that at least in this instance that the straight cut gears are the choice for crazy hp and drag racing. Curious to how much different the...
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    no idea, probably changes the directional forces being applied. and maybe has a larger contact patch per tooth maybe? everything I have always read is straight cut gears can handle more power.
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    was looking at advanced automotions site and they list a 1-2 gearset, seems to be both in straight cut or helical and has a much better 1st gear. One of the biggest problems with the 01e is having a 3.5 first gear, so making it about useless. The new gearset has a 3.1 first and making it a much...
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    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    can you post a picture? I was thinking something similar but with 17" rims and was wondering how it looked
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    331 stroker block advice...

    I've run .040 on several motors and they have held up fine (with lots of nos going through), I've known people who have gone up to .060 as well. Should of listened to your machinist rather then random people on a forum and just went .040 and called it a day, could of saved some money as well..
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    Has any1 welded the diff in a STD un1 before?

    Really I didn't get anything at all. I linked to the actual store product, do you get an alarm from the base website? It's just a company that makes a bolt on lsd so not sure why there would be malware
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    Has any1 welded the diff in a STD un1 before?

    Don't know if this product works very good or not but it might be worth looking into rather then welding.. Phantom Grip
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    253 mph Ford GT

    YouTube - Performance Power Racing 252.97mph World Record Standing Mile Run Crazy...
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    850 QC transaxle

    The one thing with a heavily overdriven 5th is you need a pretty mild cam to run at such low RPM. I’ve had a few motors with pretty aggressive cams and they would not run well under 2000rpm, the motor would just start bucking, and surging. Regardless those ratios look pretty great to me...
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    850 QC transaxle

    I think your gear ratios are too spread out. 5th gear is way to over driven. I think ratios something like this.. 1st – 2.41 @ 6500 = 54 mph 2nd – 1.45 @ 6500 = 90 mph 3rd – 1.00 @ 6500 = 131 mph 4th - .76 @ 6500 = 172 mph 5th - .61 @ 6500 = 215 mph RPM drop per gear shifting at 6500...
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    Climate change

    He looked at the 10 year period because that was the time table forecast from the IPCC.
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    American Transaxles...and cheapskates

    Is there a reason you would use a ZF vs just a standard T-5 bellhousing? If I remember I think a t-5 bellhousing is around 6 inches, but this gives you the ability to run standard starter, flywheel and a Ton of aftermarket clutch assemblies. If it would fit it just seems like a cheaper/better...
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    Video GT40 driven by Derek Bell

    Here is Pathfinder motorsports youtube channel that has a few more vids as well YouTube - PathfinderMotorsport's Channel
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    Video GT40 driven by Derek Bell

    Not sure if this video has been posted or not (did a search for Derek Bell with no results) but here it is anyway YouTube - Ford GT40 Driven by Derek Bell at Sebring International Raceway (Onboard)
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    The Price of Transaxles - Why are Transaxles Expensive?

    You could get a TKO600 for $2100, or a t56 magnum for $2700 (rated @ 700lb/ft) Those torque ratings are also based on a 3500lb car, so in a kit car that weighs 2000-2500 you could easily run 700-800lb/ft or more, not that you would need to but if you where running 500lb/ft motor you would have a...
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    GEESH ! Talk About A "SMALL" BLOCK !

    Wow he even got it to run just like a typical Chevy (stalling out) lol