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  1. awatkins

    Forum Moderation (lack thereof)

    On Oct. 6, 2013 user MHNCO made the following post: It states, to one of our more senior and most polite members, in it's entirety, "You're such a douche" I immediately reported this post using the provided...
  2. awatkins

    GT40 MkII by Superformance, P2188. Titanium/black stripes.

    On but being sold by Hillbank:
  3. awatkins


    Shelby : Other SUPERFORMANCE in Shelby | eBay Motors
  4. awatkins

    GT40 Mk1 by Superformance. Guardsman Blue/white stripes

    427 Cobra Country--Ford AC Cobra replica manufacturers SUPER-SITE
  5. awatkins

    1966 Superformance GT40 MKII p2116

    Ford : Ford GT MKII in Ford | eBay Motors The ad says: "New GT40's prices have drastically increased and rollers now are over 100K." Oh really?
  6. awatkins

    1966 gt40 mki gulf * superformance p2228

    1966 Shelby Other SUPERFORMANCE 1966 GT40 MKI GULF * SUPERFORMANCE * 185 MILES * ROUSH 427IR w 550HP * ZF TRANS Shelby : Other SUPERFORMANCE in Shelby | eBay Motors
  7. awatkins

    Update on movie "Rush" (Lauda & Hunt)

    Attached find article from WSJ on the film. Wide release 27 Sept. $2 million spent building replicas. 24 original '76 F1 cars (driven by their owners).
  8. awatkins

    1970 RCR Porsche 917 Le Mans Gulf #20

    New 1970 RCR Porsche 917 Le Mans Gulf #20 for sale in BONITA SPRINGS, FL | Gulf Coast Motorworks
  9. awatkins

    1966 Superformance GT40 MKI Wide Tail

    New 1966 Superformance GT40 MKI Wide Tail for sale in BONITA SPRINGS, FL | Gulf Coast Motorworks Topped out at 131.1K+ on ebay without meeting reserve. Other Makes : Other in Other Makes | eBay Motors
  10. awatkins

    SPF Engine R&R Document

    Our friend OliveR recently had the misfortune of a distributor gear failure in P2193 which required engine removal. His initial request for help inspired me to write the R&R instructions below, which I'm hoping others will find useful. I wrote this from memory of the same procedure with my...
  11. awatkins

    Q re: Original front lower ball joint components

    In the FAV parts book the components of the front lower control arm outer ball joint are listed as follows. I'm curious to know what the "74..." designations mean (if anything), and more generally were these parts sourced from some contemporaneous mass production vehicle, and if so which? Also...
  12. awatkins

    Forum Civility

    My bullshit meter deflected to full scale and stuck this morning when I read two more of Mike/MHNCO's personal jabs in one single thread. At this point he's made probably a dozen, if not more, posts that clearly have no purpose other than to provoke and berate me personally, all using a...
  13. awatkins

    Spectacular 2003 CAV GT40 Ford302 V8 CA Registered

    Replica/Kit Makes : GT40 Mk1 2 Dr in Replica/Kit Makes | eBay Motors
  14. awatkins

    Frame Off Built GT40 MK I 427 FE

    Maybe the bot didn't catch this (yet) Ford : Ford GT CAV MK 1 in Ford | eBay Motors
  15. awatkins

    2011 Superlite SLC Rapier Version coupe

    In the "Showcase Gallery" at the back of "Sports Car Market" Feb. 2013, p141: "SN RCRSLC05191160911. Black/Black. 200 miles. LS3, 6-speed manual. Hand-built display model for last year. 380-hp LS engine with hot cam mated to Ricardo manual trans. New condition. Many "Best of Show" awards...
  16. awatkins

    Bailey 917 at R&S, Scottsdale, 19 Jan.

    Russo and Steele - Collector Automobile Auctions
  17. awatkins

    Front Lid Dzus Fasteners- wing-head replacement

    With the original Dzus fasteners you need to carry a large screwdriver, coin, or tool like this: Moroso : Category Display to open and close the front lid. An alternative is to replace the "coin operated" fastener with a wing-head version, and Pegasus has the exact part...
  18. awatkins

    New Holman-Moody Tour de France Mustang

    Was talking to Lee Holman today and he told me about this project he just finished, instigated by Edsel Ford: Holman Moody | 2014 - 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang It's nice to see some recognition that people other than Carroll Shelby did interesting things with Fords in the 60s.....
  19. awatkins

    Suspension Alignment questions

    A few random questions arising from doing a rought alignment: The two skinny locknuts on either side of the threads on the front upper ball joint (aka rod end). Anyone have a suggestion for a wrench to use on those? I measure them as about 32.5 mm which corresponds to no metric or English hex...
  20. awatkins

    Licensing Stories

    Ron R has a terrifying thread about dealing with the Caifornia government but it's specific to smog control equipment. I thought it might be a good idea to record some actual experiences with the whole process with SPFs. So here's my first installment. First step for me (after getting my SB100...