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    Hello again - thinking of another GT40

    Hi all Just wanted to say hi again as haven't been on here for a few years since selling my part finished Tornado replica. Owning a GT40 was a real dream for me but as my build progressed I realised that as much time and attention and original parts that I lavished on the car it wasn't going to...
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    Aston Martin DB4 Zagato replica

    Hi all As some of you know I've decided to sell my Ford GT40 project as I just don't have the time and motivation to finish the car. Also there was one other major deciding factor. I've been driving an Aston Martin V8 Vantage around all summer and it was almost perfect. The only thing it lacked...
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    Car builder/engineering help required

    Hi all I am looking to take on another project. It's an unfinished project car (not GT40) that uses a modern Aston V8 Vantage engine. The car has the engine, gearbox, differential, brakes, shocks, wheels etc fitted but is missing the fuel system and steering parts etc. Rather than trying to...
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    Renovo Coupe

    Hi all Just stumbled across this new electric powered Shelby Daytona Coupe being produced by a company called Renovo. Interesting concept and have to say the fit and finish in the video looks really good. Only thing I don't like is the Audi gear lever.
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    Porsche 917 - am I crazy?

    Hi all I've been thinking (lusting) over the thought of owning a Porsche 917 for quite some time and have spoken to Peter Bailey about their cars a couple of times in the past. I am therefore thinking quite seriously about selling my Aston Martin and buying a fully built car as I can't help...
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    Aston Martin = GT40 on hold

    Hi all I've been very quiet on my GT40 build for a while as I took the decision to buy a new car and put the project on hold for a few months. After several summers of not having something nice to drive and take to events I started looking into cars, went to look at an Aston Martin and I had to...
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    Weak South African Rand - car prices

    Hi all I just read a report that the South African Rand is at a 5 year low against the dollar and pound and wondered how this might effect prices of cars like Superformance GT40s? With Superformance do you have to buy from the dealer in your country or can you go directly to the factory in...
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    Bentley Speed 8 replica

    Just been reading an article on GT Spirit about a new Bentley kit that's been produced by a company called Aeromaster. The finished car looks rather nice but unfortunately it's running a 136bhp Renault V6 although they plan to change the engine soon. The companies website lists the body at 5800...
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    CNC milling machines

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience in using CNC milling machines for car projects? I am thinking of having a workshop built at the back of my house and a milling machine looks like it could be a great tool to get to help with custom fabrication jobs. If you could give...
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    What paint to use on radiator pipes

    Hi all I am going to have a go at painting the end of my copper radiator pipes today and wondered what type of spray paint and primer I should use. Do I need to use high temperature paint or will regular automotive spray paint work as I am not sure how hot these pipes get? Thanks Trev
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    Road trip to west coast - car related must do's

    Hi all Going on my honeymoon at the beginning of August for 3 weeks and we are doing a fly drive along the west coast of the US. We are starting our trip in San Francisco then heading to Yosemite then back to Monterey and down the coast to LA. We finish the trip in Las Vegas. So what I need to...
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    Amalgam 1:8 GT40 MK1 model

    Hi all I thought you guys might like to know that Amalgam are now producing a 1:8 scale GT40 model according to their catalogue which I picked up today at the Autosport International show. I've attached a grab I took from the catalogue as there are no details on their website yet. For those of...
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    Anyone used Evans waterless engine coolants

    Hi all I was at Autosport International show today and came across Evans waterless coolants. Apparently this stuff replaces water in your cooling system and as a result it claims not to overheat as the boiling point is 180degrees, no corrosion, and reduced system pressure Power Cool 180° -...
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    Ford GT article - Ford Times April 1964

    Hi all Recently while I was in an antiques centre I found a load of old Ford Times magazines. I thought a few of you might like the article that was printed in the 1964 April issue. Thanks Trev
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    What to wrap radiator pipes in

    Hi all I thought I start a post as I need to wrap my radiator pipes that pass through the cabin of the car. The aim is to reduce as much radiant heat as possible so what is the most ideal material/wrap etc to use. I initially bought some self adhesive aluminium insulating pipe wrap but I am...
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    GT40 Transport

    Hi all I just stumbled across these images on Flickr of some original GT40's been loaded into a TWA cargo plane which I thought were really interesting. I don't know which cars these so maybe someone can chip in some more info. Also aside from the flying the cars to races what other forms of...
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    How to make cars a career

    Hi guys I need a bit of advice from the wise heads on here. I’ve been enjoying my GT40 hobby for the past few years now while working professionally as a digital art director in the world of website design which is a world away from car building. I really enjoy my job and am very good at...
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    New supercars - money required, taste optional‏

    Hi all I've just been reading about the Tushek Renovatio T500 on Pistonheads. Quite interesting that they are trying to sell these for £240k. It's basically a fancy version of a £20k kit car. Seems there is a whole raft of new supercars coming on the market at the moment by small production...
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    Long riv nut inserts needed

    Hi all Can you get different length riv nut inserts as the ones I have our a little too short. I am trying to pass the rivnut insert through a aluminium panel and steel bracket but the end of the nut only just sticks out. I am worried that when I install it there won't be enough of the...
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    Goodwood Revival 2012

    Hi all I just wanted to start a thread to show some of my photos from this years Goodwood revival and share my experience from my first visit to the Revival. I'll post some more pictures and info later but in brief it was a fantastic weekend. The whole event is amazing and like taking a step...