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  1. Dan carter

    Graz & Shift Adjustment

    1. Is there a best/correct way to adjust the original shifter and the Graz tranny? I see there is an alignment hole at the tranny linkage but not certain the best way to use it, if at all, with the stock shifter? 2. I can only get back into first gear after I stop the car (aka it won't...
  2. Dan carter

    LS3/480 Tune

    If anyone has an LS3/480 tune they think is really good, if your willing and able I would like to compare it to the one I have. I have the HP tuner tools and software and would appreciate anyone sharing if willing. I'm having a random stall issue that's new, but not sure where its at. Thanks
  3. Dan carter

    Looking for STOCK throttle table for LS3/480

    Gents, tried the net but no luck. If anyone took a snap shot or captured the GM stock throttle table in the engine controller, would mind sharing it with me. It’s a long story, but seeing it will give me confirmation on an issue I’m experiencing with the controller. Thanks
  4. Dan carter

    Dreaded P0606 Code

    I haven't seen this one discussed so I just experienced a PO606 error code. IAW the internet it could be all kinds of stuff. Before I dig in, has anyone had this code and what did you do? Thanks
  5. Dan carter

    Stronger Starter

    The stock starter for the Graz is the Bosch SR0408X. Its a refurbished unit built for Volkswagens from 1995 - 2006 for nothing more than a 1.9L engine. Has anyone found a stronger gear reduction unit or anything better than this unit?
  6. Dan carter

    SLC Car Cover

    OK, this is an odd question, but has anyone found a ready made car cover that fits over the SLC? I have a wing which is making it harder than usual. I have a couple oif car shows to attend and the cover will come in handy.
  7. Dan carter

    Standard shifter - internally adjustable?

    I know many of us are less than pleased with the standard shifter, but has anyone ever played with adjusting the internal parts? Looks like there is some opportunity to adjust its movement as it exits.
  8. Dan carter

    Tuner List - Share your Recommendation

    Gents After 4 tuners, it has dawned on me (a little slow I guess) that tuners are every bit as critical to our projects as hardware. I wanted to start this thread to share with all builders the good tuners we have found (so list yours as well). Tuners are typically local, unless they travel or...
  9. Dan carter

    Need Verification on Fuel Tank Threads

    Gents I discovered a leak at the fitting that feeds the fuel pump from the tank (the bottom one on the tank). What type of thread did RCR use on the tank, I don't see it in my notes anywhere? I'm hoping I used the right type of adapter thread into the tank. Thanks
  10. Dan carter

    Best way to adjust Grazianno shift cables?

    I have a whopping 40 miles on the car. I’m struggling with getting into first and second on a downshift. Up shifts are fine. I have the old shifter so when I set my cables on the shifter arms of the Graz, I set the shifter in as neutral a position as it would allow and the transmission in...
  11. Dan carter

    Flowmaster DBX mufflers

    Can’t find who used the FLow Master DBX round mufflers, but if you did, what is your opinion, quiet, loud etc. I’m using Magnaflow and not impressed.
  12. Dan carter

    Weather seal, mounted on door or body

    Got a question. I set my doors to be as flush to the mating body panels as I could get them anticipating the need for weather stripping. I purchased the type from McMaster Carr that has been suggested on the forum. In mounting the seal, I would have preferred to mount to the door versus the...
  13. Dan carter

    Request a cross check on heater plumbing

    Guys Before I tear into the heater plumbing, take a look at my schematic. I can measure 140 degree heat on the engine side of the 4 way valve but on 60 on the heater side. I see the motor on the diverter valve move when I turn the switch, but it still stays cold on the heater side of the...
  14. Dan carter

    Mazda Door Locks - I'm stuck

    Gents Looking for some help/thoughts on the Mazda door locks. I copied the solution suggested to design a door locking capability from the forum. However I have run into a concern. The "Z" bracket attached to top of the tumbler had to be straightened (now an L shape) to stop hitting the...
  15. Dan carter

    Front wheel main body protection

    Just pulsing the blog to see what others may have done to protect the main body area that is exposed to debris from the front wheel. By chance has anyone tried the tintable RAPTOR sprayable bed liner. Curious how it accepted color.
  16. Dan carter

    Spring LENGTH Question

    Front springs are 5 inch Landrum 600 lbs. Rears are Eibach 7 inch 750 lbs. On both sets of coil overs to achieve the ride height I want (4.5 inches), I am nearly out of thread on the coil over (hardly any adjustability lefy). While I have done some internet homework, I wasn't absolutely...
  17. Dan carter

    Graz Slave cylinder shim?

    Just got my Graz back from having the drop gear changed. With the engine running, I am unable to put it into gear. Bleed the &^&%$ out of it so I'm certain its not air. Took all restrictions off the clutch pedal so it has full travel. The only thing I can think of is there was/is a shim to...
  18. Dan carter

    Door J Hinge Adjustment - Help Wanted, no Needed

    Gents, hate to even ask but I have read every thing I could find on adjusting the J hinge on the door, but getting it set still alludes me. With the nose on, the door contacts the nose at the "90" degree corner of both as it open and closes (just enough it will rub the paint off). The door has...
  19. Dan carter

    Aero latch vs Quik latch

    Looking for an opinion/review The Quik Latch series of hood lock has caught my eye. While the Aero latch that comes with the SLC will do the job, I am not real excited by where it has to mount. The Quik latch product install differently, but my real concern is how much pull strength it has...
  20. Dan carter

    ABS VSS Reluctor Rings and ECU

    Much confused. After a lot of reading about the GM ECU, seems it does use speed info to help control the idle speed and throttle positioning (so says GM). Anyway, I'm currently using the Dakota Digital to send the ECU a speed signal (it works, however mechanical is recommended). There is a...