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    Cav Starter

    Does anybody know if there is an aftermarket starter that will fit the standard CAV adaptor plate and 01E transaxle?
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    BRM Wheel Manufacturers

    I am looking at purchasing 17" BRM wheels and are wonder what peoples oppinions and experiences are with the various companies. Is there any other companies other than Image, Vintage or PSE that are making wheels for GT40's? Vintage were probably at the bottom of my list due to the fact...
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    MkII to MkI

    Is it possible to convert a mkII car into a MkI by just changing the rear bodywork? Are there any other differences? Does anybody know if there is a difference between a LHD pedal box and a RHD? Thanks Roger
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    Unfinished Project

    Looking for an unfinished GT40 in Australia. Would consider a car that needs a rebuild / freshen up.
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    Cav in Australia

    Does anybody know if there is a CAV car in Australia and if there is has it been registered?