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    Law Enforcement Attention

    Averaging once per month.
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    Battery Drain Protection

    FWIW, fully charged to dead took about 7 days. Then it took 3 days to get it fully charged again. We will never again forget to plug it in.
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    All Porsche powertrain in SLC?

    If you get pulled over, urban legend has it that it could be a violation, but I doubt any officer will pay attention and I've read the California motor vehicle code and couldn't find any mention of any requirement other than needing a lap belt and in certain cases a shoulder belt. You are...
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    All Porsche powertrain in SLC?

    Hi Tim, 2 FYIs CHP doesn't care about the seatbelts during the registration process. Its not what they're looking at. They just care that all your components aren't stolen. However, I'm not aware of any 5-point harness that is road legal. Its all about the latching mechanism. Doing the...
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    SLC picture thread

    4 different colors. . . all shades of black :) Leather, perforated leather, suede, and of course the carpet. Pics next week.
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    SLC picture thread

    While it is great to see a variety of SLC pictures, posting pictures with the caveate "I hope they don't mind", is probably not the way to go. The better approach would be to ask them first.
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    SL-C Kudos/Shout out Thread

    Jay at ISIS. Awesome customer support, even at 10pm.
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    The beast is born

    Lots. . . coming soon.
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    Mystery Part?

    That is indeed the moveable pedal plate.
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    How much is too much?

    If you build this car, and drive it for 3 years, and then get 50% of your cost back, I think most people would be disappointed. However, that's standard depreciation with most production cars. Getting more than that is probably possible, but I would use 50% as a starting point and manage your...
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    Hey. . . my car's a star!!
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    Mufflers- LS3

    We got the same speech from Flowmaster, but couldn't figure out a way to make it happen. Went without and the way the car sounds really hit the mark for us.
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    Seat belt/shoulder harness?

    This is what I used. Schroth Rallye Cross Harness; it didn't need welding. This is how it installed. It bolts to the floor and wraps around the roll cage.
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    Seat belt/shoulder harness?

    If you want cheap and street legal, search 4 point harness on ebay and you'll find pairs for less than $50 total. For example: 2 x New 4 Point Black JDM Racing Seat Belts Harness Universal Black No Logo | eBay
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    Engine Options

    No way that side exhaust is quieter than rear exhaust. Rear exit has longer pipe and the exit is further from your head. LS7 headers work fine for side exit.
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    The beast is born

    You take everything in the first picture, and then you squeeze and beat it until it looks like the second picture, which is just spot welded before its cleaned up, welded and sent off for ceramic coating. Allan did this for us.
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    SL-C ABS Feasibility Question/Discussion

    Echo what Alex said for 3 reasons. 1) Some better product/solution comes along 2) What you thought would work, obviously won't once you look at some specific part of the car 3) You change your mind. All 3 have happened at least twice for us and half the time its cost us money.
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    The beast is born

    Here's a collection of pics showing progress and includes several forum contributions including a coolant tank provided by Dave, headers provided by Doc, and a tremendous amount of fabrication by Allan. I have a ton more, so if there's something specific you'd like to see let me know.
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    A Few Specific Questions For An SL-C Build

    Like the one on this page?