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    Converting to E85 ethanol

    I am considering migrating to E85 ethanol in my 40 replica. I run a stack fuel injection system, with a programmable ECU, so increasing fuel volume is not an issue. My question deals with fuel cell foam. Will the ethanol eat the foam? Or, is there foam available specifically engineered for...
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    Need advice on cooling system

    I have had my replica on the road for a few years, and have not been able to solve a slight overheating problem when the car is stationary for a few minutes. I read a thread some months back about someone who ran a vent from the top of the radiator to the back of the car into the cooling...
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    Windshield rubber moulding

    Anyone have a good source on a rubber windshield moulding for a GT40? Mine cracked, and I want to replace it. Thanks-Jack