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    Changing my 347 Stroker Engine

    What do you think of the Fast 2.0 with the 8 stack. Did it self tune ok or did you need to play to get it right?
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    DRB GT40 owners.

    It’s not surprising as the writing was certainly on the wall unfortunately. Some of the stuff they were sending me that was subpar and what they were charging for it was clearly a desperate attempt at a cash grab.
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    DRB GT40 owners.

    Thanks for the feedback Bob and Bill. At this point I’m gathering all the bits and pieces I can prior to getting stuck into the project. The biggest problem we have in Oz is getting through the registration process of which emissions testing is usually the biggest hurdle.
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    Roaring Forties Sold

    G’day Paul Have you done IM240 on an LS3 with stack injection?
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    DRB GT40 owners.

    Questions for all you DRB owners out there.. What don’t you like about them after building and driving? What improvements would you make if building again? Cheers
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    DRB driveshafts

    Thanks Chris It has the modified stub shaft supplied by DRB which I gather suits the Porsche PCD.
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    DRB driveshafts

    Thanks Ryan. Is there a specific one length wise being used or are they shortened to fit?
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    DRB driveshafts

    Just collecting parts for the build. Can anyone advise what driveshafts are being used for the DRB’s? Are they bespoke or standard Porsche 911 or some such? Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Reduced to $95000 AUD according to the Ad. Awesome looking car!
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    Aussie GT40 - on a budget (if possible)

    Welcome to the forum. Can’t go wrong with the LS as it’s an easy fit and will pass emissions etc for registration. If you need adapter plate etc for the LS to Porsche gearbox then Chris is your man. Custom machined muscle car parts - BNC Products
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Damn Pete. Making me wish I hadn’t purchased my DRB project.. Where is your car advertised?
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    registering a gt40 in Australia

    G’day Keron Try looking up pressure differential warning actuator (PDWA).. A lot of Pommy cars use them..I.E TR6, MG, Jag, Land Rover etc. :thumbsup: Easy fix
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    Another question: Dry or wet oil sump setup??

    Flew a 108 years ago that was Franklin powered... Beautiful Aircraft :thumbsup:
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    Anyone do a set for an LS3?
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    Coyote or SBF

    Probably straying a little here but I must say that I find this subject quite absurd/Interesting at times.. The general consensus seems to be- You need to be true to brand but it’s acceptable to have a space frame of some description, and possibly a fibreglass body with suspension from...
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    DRB #5

    Here ya go Bill.. Electric DRB that I purchased late last year. All the electrics have been removed now as I’m going the other way with it. Cheers
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    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Amazing build... That is going to be one helluva car :thumbsup:
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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    Something Italian you say....Giorgia Palmas maybe ?:pepper:
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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    I hear ya Dave !! I may get a Chevy badge for the front clip like the Boguns do on the back of their commodore utes..:laugh::thumbsup: If it wasn’t for our ridiculous emission laws then I would put my 347 stroker in the GT40 and be done with it. That engine is now going into my Mustang that I...