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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    was looking at advanced automotions site and they list a 1-2 gearset, seems to be both in straight cut or helical and has a much better 1st gear. One of the biggest problems with the 01e is having a 3.5 first gear, so making it about useless. The new gearset has a 3.1 first and making it a much...
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    253 mph Ford GT

    YouTube - Performance Power Racing 252.97mph World Record Standing Mile Run Crazy...
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    Video GT40 driven by Derek Bell

    Not sure if this video has been posted or not (did a search for Derek Bell with no results) but here it is anyway YouTube - Ford GT40 Driven by Derek Bell at Sebring International Raceway (Onboard)
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    Ron Paul raises 4.2 million in 24 hours!

    Hope for America… Ron Paul’s $4.2 Million Momentum Continues — Ron Paul 2008
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    1969 JWA Gulf GT40 Firestone rear tires

    eBay Motors: Ford GT GT40 JWA Gulf NOS Firestones LeMans Shelby (item 180101308819 end time Apr-03-07 21:30:00 PDT)