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    Turn Signal Dash Light Not Working

    My turn signals seem to be working fine bit the little indicator light on the dash isn't working! Any thoughts?
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    Nilos Seals

    Does anyone have a good source for Nilos Seals, (wheel bearing dust seals)?? Possibly a direct supplier? Thanks, Tom
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    SPF Wheel Bearings

    Hello, can anyone share the procedure for properly adjusting front & rear wheel bearings on the SPF GT40 / RBT Thanks, Tom
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    Coolant Flush / Replacement

    Is there a procedure for coolant flush/replacement. This is for an SPF / Boss 302. Also, what is the best coolant product to use. Thanks, Tom
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    Quick Jack by Ranger Products

    Anyone using the Quick Jack by Ranger Products? If so let me know what you think! Also, what jacking points are you using for the SPF GT 40? Thanks, Tom
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    AC Issues

    SPF 2284 / 302 / Eight Stack The engine is setup with two fan belts. One form the crank to the compressor using a tensioner and the other belt to the crank - alt - comp. The smaller belt to the comp self destructed and now is if I switch on the AC I get a fan belt squeal! I only...
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    Buying a used Superformance

    I'm looking to buy a used Superformance MK1. Any weak points or specific things to look out for?? Thanks, Tom
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    Looking for Feedback on CAV

    Hello, I'm interested in the CAV GT 40. Can anyone give me a comparison between CAV - ERA and Superformance? Thanks!