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    LMP to fit ZFQ in new Can am car

    hi Guys check out the new M1 by LMP engineering, we have just supplied a ZFQ for this great can am car. Click here LMP Engineering - Gallery regards Chris
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    MK1V production line

    Hi guys just to keep the posting standards to a high level of power to noise, I thought I would pass on these wonderful pic's from Kenny Thompsons in North Carolina, taken by Dennis Olthoff. Apparently one of these is still for sale as one guy had to drop out, but Dennis can tell you more...
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    Peter Lindenburg wins in S / Africa

    Very well don to Peter Lindenburg with his Superformance GT40, became the first South African to win this race in 8 years. Lindenberg wins Castrol TT - regards Chris GT Transmissions Ltd Home of the ZFQ.
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    The tide has turned.

    Hi Guys it just got a lot cheaper to purchase from the UK! the Pound has slid against the Dollar from $2 to £1 at the beginning of the year down to $1.48 to £1 now. regards Chris Melia GT Transmissions. ZFQ sales.
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    Chris Martino, What's happening at MDA?

    Chris Martino Hi Chris What's happening at MDA? I know as their agent you must know what's going on? Is MDA still importing kits to the USA? Is Mark away? as I hear people are having a hard time calling him. Regards Chris Melia.
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    Rod Leaches SPF GT 427 Rousch QUAIFE 5 Speed transaxle.

    hi guys thought you may like to see Rods latest MK11 For your info it has a 427 c.i. Roush 'small block' - dynoed at 547 bhp with 525 lbs. ft. of torque, coupled to a Quaife 5 speed. Regards Chris
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    Dowdeswell & Hardie new British Supercar

    I guys I have been sitting on this for a while but now there has been a press release I thought i might share these renderings. Regards Chris PS go here Falen Supercar By Dowdeswell and Hardie ? A Scottish First | The Daily Luxury News Blog from
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    Lola GT

    Hi Guys Lola GT build by good old Robby Senekal for Alan Grant Lola Heritage - Scrapbook regards Chris
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    Petrol price campain

    See what you think and pass it on if you agree with it We are hitting £116.9 a litre in some areas now, soon we will be faced with paying £1.50 a litre. Philip Hollsworth offered this good idea: This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the 'don't buy petrol on a certain day campaign that was...
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    Quit UK deal for foreign criminals

    Foreign prisoners are being offered £3,000 to leave Britain, the Government has admitted. The standard financial reintegration package is £800, but the higher offer has been introduced as the jail population hits record levels. The "enhanced" incentive is available until the end of next...
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    Darwin Awards 2007

    Hi Guys Any darwin awards? go Here 2007 Urban Legend: Taser Test Regards Chris.
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    Proposed new ZFQ/ZF Ford/Chevy Bellhousing

    Proposed new ZFQ/ZF Ford/Chevy Bellhousing Hi guys the ZFQ design team have developed a new proposed bellhousing that will be machined for the small block Ford but can alternatively be machined for the LS Chevy engines. It is designed for 157 tooth Ford flywheel with 10.5" clutch and Ford...
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    Cost of Iraq war???????

    for the cost of Iraq war go here National Priorities Project - Cost of War just unreal regards Chris.
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    GTX1 in black

    Hi guys I met Stephen Woodroughoduction at the SEMA show last week and he sent me photos of his Ford GTX1 (Pr No. 24) built earlier this year by the Genaddi Design Group in Green Bay. You can see the GTX1 in action on the Genaddi Design web site at GTX1 Story the GTX1 is one hell of a car...
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    Marines re-enact Cockleshell raid

    Hi Guys Just a note to say that my 24year old son Richard Melia is taking part in the Marines re-enactment of WW11 Cockleshell raid. BBC NEWS | England | Marines re-enact Cockleshell raid it makes me very proud regards Chris.
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    Scam web site ????????

    Hi guys is this web site CTTShop Walcome To Our Website--Ê×Ò³ a scam? Must be some of the cheapest deals in history, especially the motorcycles? As the old saying goes if it looks to good to be true then it is not true looking forward to your comments regards Chris.
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    What's your top ten driving music play list

    I have been compiling my Ipod which allows me to plug into my car 20,000 music tracks, whilst putting together my driving play list I was wondered what you guys listen to? This would give world wide suggestions that may not be readily known in our own countries but available on ITunes. By the...
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    Irish Lottery

    Hi Guys Just got this scam email, I think I will ask them to donate the money to charity. The charity for people that lost money to scammers regards Chris. THE DESK OF THE DIRECTOR PROMOTIONS, The Irish Lottery P O Box 1010 11 G Lower Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Ireland (Customer...
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    Dave Colins RCR MK11 arives in UK

    Hi Guys I just got the first pictures of Dave Colins new RCR MK11 at nicks Gt40 garage up in the Derbyshire hills, courtesy of Nick Dames. Nick will be assembling Dave's car for him, and taking care of the SVA, I know Dave is a keen MK11 enthusiast and will be adding all those authentic...
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    Buyer beware when buying a used Ford GT.

    Buyer beware when buying a used Ford GT. So how many New Ford GT's are left? Ford GT40, Ford GT Do they have handling problems or just attract incapable drivers? Regards Chris.