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    Finally seen the ghost

    This car has been a part of local legend for many years. The owner is just a few miles down the road but this is my first time seeing it.
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    Transaxle and powertrain options Weddle Industries Just found this this morning and seeing as I have had little to contribute lately here it is.
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    Screw the machine shop. Transaxle dreaming

    Printing titanium bicycle parts. A Charge Bikes collaboration with EADS on Vimeo Watch this and see if your gt40 mind doesnt immediately go to thinking about a titanium transaxle case.
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    Barret Jackson.

    Who would have figured that a unfinished kit car would be the #2 seller on the day. Speaks to the aura that these cars have. Also had an arizona title.
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    Gt40 poor mans version.

    I got home from working pipeline today and was told as I pulled into the driveway that I owned a new car. I dont know the year but this is the car .I know other members that have these. 500$ canadian. Kinda neat car .
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    Big toyota power

    I dont get it. Every time I see one of the toyota tundra commercials I nearly wet myself over this engine.381 hp as it sits and all aluminum construction.Being a truck engine I would imagine that it could easily make 600+ hp when built up.You know long tube headers superchargers or turbos? I am...
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    rear suspension setup

    I am buiding a rear engined car that is going to be optimized for autocrossing. Pictures will follow.What my question is......when you are running an independent rear suspension is there any reason to put caster in the rear uprights? I guess if you broke something it would tend to still go...
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    Bought a gt40 today!

    I was at the worst place in the world for a man to be.Walmart at christmas time!My wife needed something.......I really didnt listen.So off I went to wander round. And there it was.....For now its the closest Im going to get.Merry christmas everybody.
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    Carbon fiber confusion?

    Was talking to a friend of mine and he asked me what I was going to do about manufacturing the carbon fiber bits that were on a GT40?????? I told him as far as I knew that there were no such pieces on the originals and that I would not need to fab them out of cf anyways. I guess that the real...
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    Egomans GT40 esque project.

    When you say you are going to start from scratch do you really mean it? Well I am starting with the build by designing my own transaxle loosely based on the McKee.I have allready acquired the quick change rear as well as the engine and trans.I understand that the Gt 40 transaxle measures 9 1/2...