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    Crossover fuel tank system

    Curious if there is a known list of cars that had this installed? the ones with the 4" cross link between the side bag tanks that ran under the drivers knees. Chassis 1040 which is a MK I had it. Chassis 1046 the MK II lemans winner had it. presumably chassis 1015 that Miles drove in the 66...
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    Ford Vs Ferrari Soundtrack

    Just seen this on Spotify
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    Victorian registration requirements as of 2019-07-31

    Have just come back from the clubman car club meeting, and was told about some certain news regarding the emissions testing in Victoria. Has anyone else heard anything. fingers crossed. (I don't want to add it here (or anyone else) in case we are wrong, as i cant come back and edit it later...
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    C8 VETTE

    I know it due to launch latter today, anyone know if its likely to have a manual transmission option and if the transaxle will work for the GT40? C8 Corvette
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    Can you tag or name images?

    is it possible to add tags, descriptions, names to images as they are uploaded? might help find things at a latter date.
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    Purple GT40s

    Has anyone got any photos of purple GT40s or a suggestion for a purple that would look good on one? Ryan
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    Rear support hoop upper shock/spring mounts

    Has anyone got any good photos to share that show how the original shock mounts were done. It would be great if you could share the chassis number featured in the photo. I realise that this area was continually evolving over the life of the chassis. A photo of the early ones that had the 1”...
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    Bearing puller

    Think I need one of these. I need to get some rear wheel hubs and drive flanges. Currently don’t have one of these and I’m thinking that something like this would be a good addition to the tool box. This one is probably just a common import item, are these normally ok? Any recommendations...
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    4 piston callipers & 15” wheels

    Just curious what people have used. I picked up a set of Porsche 996 callipers which are Brembo Mono-block callipers however I seem to have run into a stumbling block when it comes to fitting a disc in them. They use a 61mm deep pad on the front, consequently I have been unable to find a 2 piece...
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    5:40 for the big carve up

    Barry Algie Memorial. Taupo 2017. Race 2 Formula Libre - YouTube
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    Originals brake specification and development

    I am trying to find out some details about the original brake system specifications and the like. Tyring to spec my replica in the spirit of the original to some extent.During the course of the search I have been unable to determine what the disc sizes are, so I guess the next interesting...
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    this has a lot of excellent GT40 Photos in it.

    Don't know how i have never seen this before. grab a cupa tea and some biscuits, it could be a long night. 102 Pages!!!! - The GT40/Ford GT Appreciation Thread Ryan
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    2017 Philip Island Historic Races - Photos

    Some of my photos from the Sunday when i made it down. Haven't had the camera out for a few years so im a bit rusty. hope some of the photos are useful to other builders and the guys that were running. Will have to use a longer shutter next time for more motion blur. Philip Island...
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    Twin Cluster shafts.

    Interesting article on a twin cluster shaft gearbox. Designing a Bulletproof Manual Transmission- Gear Solutions Magazine
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    Gurney Weslake heads availability/reproduction

    Are Gurney Weslake heads available as either old stock or a modern reproduction. I was looking at some of the old photos and the port angles and the resultant angle of the intake runners I find quite a striking feature of the engine bay. I am curious to know if something similar is available...
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    Porsche 911 - 991 generation 7 speed transaxle info

    <FONT face=Calibri>Does anyone have any information on the Porsche 911 7 speeds manual out of the 991 model range. <FONT size=3>In this link here (A Tale of Two Porsche Seven-Speeds: Manual and PDK - Tech Dept. - Car and Driver) it’s called the MT11, this just doesn’t sound right.<?xml:namespace...
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    Rotating pictures - Dropbox

    This is annoying me. When I view them on my PC they are orientated correctly, and when I post them in the forum they are rotated. Anyone else having the same issues. Probably "picnic" related (Problem in chair not in computer) Ryan
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    WTD : expired Avon CRzz 225 front tyres

    Looking for a set of these for setting things up whilst I am building. No point in having new rubber sitting there getting hard whilst I work out what I'm doing. Already have some scrap 295s for the rear. If anyone is turfing out some fronts around Melbourne that would be great. Keep...
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    Removing the plasticine/wax post popping the body out

    What's the best thing to use to remove this stuff. Have tried Turps, metho, Acetone, sugar soap! Any other ideas.
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    Ryans Group Ten GT40 build - Body 5.

    Well, I figure I better start one of these, else I will just fill Kaspa's and Dan's build threads. I suppose I have been working on it for around 12 months, but most of that time has involved getting the body molds sorted out, building rotisseries for the molds so that gravity can be used to...