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    A TRUE Christmas Miracle

    Some good info on a father son project. A dream come true. Not a GT40, but an inspiration. Regards Brian
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    Happy New Years guys. Some time ago, I saved this image for a headlight. I do not remember where it came from, but I would like to buy some in 7" size if anyone can steer me in the right direction. As always, THANKS for any info you can provide. Regards Brian
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    Glickenhaus's new factory

    Looks like Jim is planning to eventually build 50 cars per year.
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    so you think you are the fastest on the block !!!

    Please watch and hear the argument settled. This is freaking hilarious even if you... - James Cartwright
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    I think, I finally found a Ferrari I can afford Ferrari 430 Scuderia Destroyed 1 Hour After Purchase .
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    New Ford GT pictures

    From Motor Trend :: New Ford GT Photos - Exclusive Images of 2017 Ford GT Interior and Exterior
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    Cadillac Returns to IMSA Prototype Racing

    Cadillac Reveals DPi-V.R Prototype Race Car For 2017
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    U View airlift cooling system tool

    Gentlemen, I'm looking at getting the U View airlift tool. I see. that there are two different models. As shown here : The second one...
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    Mac McClendon

    Here's a couple of interesting videos about Mac Mclendon Regards Brian
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    interesting read from road and track

    The secret racing test tunnel no one wants to talk about
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    Some advise please

    Gents. I have located a transaxle on the Aberdeen UK craigslist. I am waiting on more details from the seller. My question is, is there any one local I could send the money to? He has quoted me a price delivered to the US. I am good with the price, but want to make sure I am not getting...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year
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    Could Boston bombing suspect avoid death penalty? Talks have started - U.S. News
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    casting number question

    Hello all I am going to look at a 289 Sunday. The casting number I was told is C5AE-6015E, and the date code is 5B4. But he tells me that there is a 66 cast on the inside of one of the heads. Can anyone give me a idea of what this is ? It is a long block without intake and carb. If it is...
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    Hennessey Venom GT breaks acceleration record

    Hennessey Venom GT 0-300km World Record Run - TUNED - YouTube
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    Cobrajet (Tom Toledo)

    I highly recommend Cobrajet (Tom Toledo) as a seller. The parts I purchased from him (RCR hubs) were securely packed, and shipped very quickly. A very smooth and painless transaction. THANKS Tom ----------------- Regards Brian
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    IMIS show

    Fran Will RCR be represented at the IMIS show in Indy in Dec. this year ?? Regards Brian
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    More press for RCR and the SLC

    I just seen this link, on the MSN homepage. Check out #13. You, Too, Can Afford a Million-Dollar Porsche - MSN Autos Regards Brian
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    Bugatti replica ???

    Man builds his own million dollar Bugatti supercar by hand | Today in Tech - Yahoo! News
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    Ride hard-- Die fast

    Crazy Moscow Motorcyclist's Crazy High-Speed Commute