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    Video from engine break in and test session for our Predator Superlite

    Click on the link to see our video test session. The car was super fast even while keeping the revs under 5500 rpm short shifting. We were the fastest on the track while just going easy with her. YouTube - Predator Superlite doing some track testing and engine break in <object width="425"...
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    Going to Palm beach International this sat Night for more testing of our Predator SLC

    Going to Palm Beach International Speedway in Fl this sat Night for more testing of our Predator SLC. You are all welcome to see our Predator SLC hit the track again. Ernie
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    Our Predator SLC is loaded in the race trailer for Saturday at Homestead Speedway te

    Well looks like we are ready to go again for some high speed fun. Our Predator SLC and our race C6 Z06 Corvette are ready to play this Saturday at Homestead International Speedway, Homestead, Fl:shocked: We plan on testing our new 15" Brembo 6 piston racing brakes for front and rear.:evil...
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    Here are some pics of the RCR Superlite Build

    Here are some pics and a link to all the SLC pics we have on the build we are doing. Click below for the link with lots of pics. We have our track day for Dec 14 at Palm Beach International. Ernie
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    GT40 Ricardo Transaxle for sale

    GT40 Ricardo 6sd Transaxle for sale 13,000.00 Also LS7 new engine 13,000.00 Ernie 954-658-8228
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    SLC track with race C6

    We will try to get our SLC done ASAP for some track testing right next to our race C6 Corvette. We have the # 2 car which is funny since our Corvette C6 Z06 race car is car #2. We plan to complete the car as soon as possible as both a track and street attack package. We have the track booked...