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  1. dlindemann

    Jay Harris - Infinitybox / ISIS Power

    Amazingly helpful and responsive! I sent a technical question through their website this afternoon and Jay responded this evening - now that is fast! For anyone who hasn't looked into this wiring system you owe it to yourself to check it out. I'm just starting the install but once I figured...
  2. dlindemann

    Where's Randy (Big-Foot)???

    Does anyone know what happened to Randy? His last post was back on July 24. I tried sending him an e-mail with no response. I'm concerned...... Thanks, Dave L
  3. dlindemann

    FS USA LS3 Crate Engine +++

    FOR SALE - LS3 (430 HP) engine with ECM, pedal, wiring harness, O2 sensors (AC Delco) and bungs, Mass Air Meter sensor, MAM mounting boss, installation instructions, stock valley cover and oil pressure sensor adapter, Katech valley cover, Katech oil pressure sensor adapter (specifically for...
  4. dlindemann

    FS USA SLC / Corvette Wheels & Tires

    FOR SALE – The wheels and tires from my SLC. The buyer of the SLC didn’t need them. The wheels are AWI Original Equipment wheels for the C6 Corvette – black with polished rims. Fronts = 18” X 9.5”, +56mm offset Rears = 19” X 10”, +68mm offset Tires are Kumho-xs 245/40 ZR 18 (front)...
  5. dlindemann

    Slc 007 for sale *SOLD*

    After almost 5 years I've come to the sad conclusion that I simply do not have the time or desire to build the car. This is a package deal that includes the original SLC Deluxe Plus kit, a new LS3 crate engine, and a refurbished Ricardo gearbox all purchased from RCR. All of the "extra" parts...
  6. dlindemann

    Wheels & Wings 2012 - Photos

    Osceola Wisconsin held their annual Wheels & Wings event at the municipal airport yesterday. It was a beautiful day with full sun, temps in the low 70's and a good breeze. I'm not a big airplane guy so I didn't take any photos of them but I did take a few of the cars. There was a tremendous...
  7. dlindemann

    SLC Coolant Tank Group Buy?

    I've taken the concept developed by Rob Mesa, fabricated by Howard Jones and design modified by Will Campbell and developed a CAD file for the tank components. I've also located off-the-shelf fittings to be welded to the tank. The tank components will be waterjet cut from .093" 5052 aluminum...
  8. dlindemann

    SLC Windshield Cut-Out

    I know there was something posted some time ago about how much of a flange should be left around the perimeter of the windshield. I've tried the search function and looked through numerous build threads and it appears many (all?) SLC's are being delivered with the cut-out done. Zoey sent me...
  9. dlindemann

    ISIS Wiring

    Quite some time ago I contacted Fran Hall at RCR about changing from the originally supplied wiring harness to the ISIS system. I received the ISIS kit for the SLC and was so impressed with it that I went on-line and purchased the ISIS 3-cell kit with inLink, inDash harness kit, and inMotion...
  10. dlindemann

    Fran - Thanks for the hospitality!

    I had the pleasure of making another visit to RCR yesterday. It's coming up on 4 years since SLC-007 was delivered and even longer than that since I last visited the shop. Just wanted to say thank you to Fran, Vicki, Mike, and all the guys in the shop for the hospitality and time they were...
  11. dlindemann

    Sorry for those living in the Midwest (US) me!

    WOW! Are we getting snow or what! We got hammered with snow today and it looks like we'll be getting some cold temps and frigid wind chills over the next few days. I spent hours clearing snow this afternoon and it looks like I'll have more to clear by tomorrow morning. Gotta love the...
  12. dlindemann

    RCR Provides Fantastic Quality Parts!

    I recently purchased the new street tail for my SLC and today I received the rear "glass". I asked Fran for one that was trimmed to fit. When I unwrapped it not only was it trimmed to fit but the edges were beveled and polished, mounting holes drilled/chamfered, and mounting hardware provided...
  13. dlindemann

    Picture Needed of Ricardo Mount in an SLC

    Can someone with a Ricardo in their SLC help me out with a close-up photo of the rear mount for the gearbox? I'm converting from the G50 to the Ricardo. The "X" brace on my SLC has no provision for mounting the Ricardo but Fran sent me the mounting plate and two tabs. I just want to see how...
  14. dlindemann

    Ricardo Gearbox - Which Starter are You Using?

    Just curious which starter people are using with the Ricardo? I've been doing some searching and one can find remanufactured units for ~$160 US to Tilton units for ~$400 to Motorcraft OE units for $700+. That's quite a range! What are you using? Regards, Dave L
  15. dlindemann

    NEW IMI Hi-Torque Starter for Porsche

    New, never used IMI-101N Hi Torque starter. Was intended for use with the G50 but I've decided to change gearboxes from a G50 to Ricardo in my SLC. The cheapest retail price I've been able to find is ~$225 US. $175 or make me a reasonable offer. PM me if interested. Regards, Dave L
  16. dlindemann

    SLC 007 Dave Lindemann

    Okay, so I'm a little slow getting started...... I've been a member of this forum for some time now and my original goal was to build a GT40.....and I may still do that one day. What got me sidelined was Fran Hall - yes Fran I blame YOU! The original SLC with the transverse GM 4 banger...
  17. dlindemann

    G50 + Flywheel/Clutch Assembly

    I've decided to sell my rebuilt and never used G50 gearbox and new flywheel/clutch assembly. Please see the photos and the invoice from CMS for the gearbox. The invoice should provide the gearbox details you need. I'm asking $6500 for both. I'm located in balmy Minnesota. PM me if you're...
  18. dlindemann

    How "Light" is "Superlite" (Coupe)

    Pretty darn light! I borrowed a friend's Intercomp SW 500 scales this weekend. The scales have an accuracy of +/- .1% of applied load or +/- one pound which is the scale graduation, whichever is greater. So, the larger weights are pretty accurate - the small pieces not so much, but at least...
  19. dlindemann

    SLC CF Ventilated Engine Cover?

    Let me start by saying that I am an ex-Lotus Esprit S1 owner and I am paranoid about engine bay heat. The back of the rear deck lid of the SLC is open and should vent heat just fine. However, heat rises and with the stock SLC engine bay cover there is no place for it to vent when the car...
  20. dlindemann

    Custom Cable Shift Options?

    My 2nd project car is a 1973 Lotus Europa TCS. The plan is to install a Toyota 4AGE 20V mated to a Renault NG-3 5-speed transaxle. I need a custom shift linkage. The stock linkage is a mutli-piece rod assembly that tends to get pretty sloppy over time. I'd like to go with a cable linkage due...