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  1. Tornado TSC40 - Front.jpg

    Tornado TSC40 - Front.jpg

    Empty font clam - 4th of April 2016
  2. Tornado TSC40 - No Engine or Gearbox.jpg

    Tornado TSC40 - No Engine or Gearbox.jpg

    No Engine or Gearbox - 4th of April 2016
  3. Tornado TSC40.jpg

    Tornado TSC40.jpg

    Purchase of unfinished project from Bob Mortimer - 4th of April 2016
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    KVA / SGT build

    Udo, I can't believe the progress speed of your build.:cool:
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    Porsche Transaxle

    Hi Shaun, fellow Aussie GT40 builder. Good luck with your project.
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    Gearbox mounting

    How did you go with the 012 Gearbox Mounts.? I ended up using the standard Audi Mounts and made up some chassis brackets. Have you had a chance to work out the Speedo wiring from the AUDI Sender.?
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    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    Nothing available in Australia, I have been searching for nearly 12 months.
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    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    This is what the Securon 700 Harness looks like. 2" Straps, 3 point Harness with ELR Type-4 Retractor.
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    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    I have been looking at the SECURON 700 Harness and have purchased a pair with a Date of Manufacture of 2017, this was the last year Securon had there Harness Belts Certified to ECE R16/04. Due to the low volume of orders they are not going to get there Harness Belts Certified to the current EU...
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    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    An ELR - Emergency Locking Retractor is a TYPE-4 Retractor, in Australia and also the EU(?) drivers belt must incorporate an Emergency Locking Retractor, passenger an others can have ALR - Automatic Locking Retractor.
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    Aussie GT40 - on a budget (if possible)

    Hi Chris, just came across your post, I don't login very often, all my spare time goes to the GT40. Good luck with your build and trying to keep to a Low Budget.!! I have an older chassis and best fit was a Ford 302, using the last of the SBF "Tickford" 5.0L XR8 Engines and an AUDI 012...
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    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    Has anyone got any thoughts on a suitable harness that could pass Vehicle Inspection.? In Australia they must also have an ELR - Emergency Locking Retractor.
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    Windshield wiper motors.

    Pat, I purchased an eBay Marine 2 Speed Wiper with a 120 degree sweep. Has Park feature for left or Right hand drive as well. Easy istallation, just the motor with spindle. Seems to be OK, sorry my car is not on the road yet so I can't comment on how effective it will be.
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    Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

    These are the VN427 Wheels I ordered from St George Tyres in Sydney. Package Deal with Nitto Tyres. Deal is with 18", but when you place your order they could probably do 17" instead. 2 photo's one 17" and the other 18". I had ordered 18x8 and 18x10, but unfortunately can't get the 18x10...
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    registering a gt40 in Australia

    I'm in Coffs Harbour NSW, the "Nanny" State.
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    KCC Restoration

    Simon, I'm in Coffs Harbour. NSW. I have been in contact with an Engineer in Tamworth, just getting tired of all the rule changes.:shout:
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    Parts for a Tornado build

    My front Axle hubs are from a Ford Cortina (TE Model). The TE saves having to weld and re-drill the Tie-Rod tapers. I then got a "Big Brake Kit" for the Ford Cortina from ebay. DBA2026 298mm x 30mm Vented Other Car & Truck Parts | eBay REAR BRAKES - Ford Falcon XE-XF, Handbrake in...
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    Parts for a Tornado build

    I am doing a budget build, so spend many hours searching for parts. GEARBOX AUDI A4 (B5) O12 CVD ADAPTER PLATE BNC FORD 302 - AUDI O1E/012 (Complete Kit) CV Shafts Holden Commodore VN VP VQ VR VS - V6 & V8 Engines Starter Motor CVR...
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    KCC Restoration

    Simon, your work is an inspiration to keep me going. Who is going to do your Engineers report for ADR Compliance.? I been having many sleepless nights over all the new rule changes.
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    Parts for a Tornado build

    COILOVERS, I went with Viking Shocks 2.5", I've spent a lot of time trying to make them fit. Should have stuck with 2.25" in hind site.