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    Direct Injection vs. Port Injection

    I think I understand the advantage of direct injection, injecting into the hotter compressed charge increases charge cooling and permits higher compression ratio. If correct, why also port inject? All flavors are out there. Mike
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    Suspended or Floor Mounted Pedals

    Just musing. I have never driven a car with floor mounted pedals. I guess that suspended pedals' main advantage is keeping the floor clean. Floor mounted pedal motion more closely matches foot-ankle motion. Really interested in opinions of those who drive in "anger". Tilton unit that came...
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    GT-40 T shirt

    First, note to Moderator. If this is in the wrong place, please move. I subscribe to ReinCarNation magazine. The attached link is to an ad for a shirt that may be of interest to Forum Members. I have no interest in the magazine or the shirt. Mike GTO40 Tshirt
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    90 degree crank V-8 exhaust system

    I am sure that this is going to generate some snickers, but here it goes! What I think I know: 90 degree crank V-8's do not generate equally spaced exhaust pulses in each bank. In order to improve scavenging, some systems incorporate an H pipe or X pipe to interconnect the exhaust systems...
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    All Things Coyote

    I would like this thread to be a place for the discussion of Coyote problems and solutions. I have not found the volume of information as regards intakes, exhaust systems, front dress, ECU's etc as compared to LS for those of us who have or intend to install the Coyote behind our heads. I have...
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    Mike's GT-R build thread

    Well,"Ole #9" is on the truck on it's way! I realized that I do not know what the custom is with respect to a gratuity for the driver. Help please, Thanks.
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    ECU Options for Ford Coyote

    I have ordered my car, Superlite GTR, and it will be delivered after the turn of the year. I had intended a Ford ECU with Racelogic Traction Control, no longer available. There are several ECU's that include traction control and I am interested in the members' experiences. I would think that...
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    Barber Motorsports Park Historics

    Just became aware of this. Might be of some interest. This is a beautiful track just east of Birmingham, AL in Leeds, AL.
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    Bleeding Brakes

    I am still a lurker but I find myself thinking what should I do to prepare. As to bleeding brakes, I have been old school, one of the boys pumping the pedal while I crack the bleed valve. If I am going to build a car, what would I do? I find 3 types of solutions, vacuum at bleed valve...
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    I think that this is what I have been waiting for. Started out interested in GTM and left that for a number of reasons, and the SLC was a much better alternative but stuck on "almost daily driver". Here in TN, this would be a "specially constructed vehicle" and subject to year of engine rules...
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    SLC Exhaust

    I was poking around Audi R8 sites trying to learn more about the Graziano gearbox and I tripped across aftermarket exhaust systems for the R8. Seem to be solving the same problems the SLC crowd is, packaging, noise, heat. Anybody tried any of these systems as a jumping off point?
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    Ford 5.0 Coyote in SL-C

    Fran tells me that this has been done but I have not found applicable posts. I am considering a build and believe I want a cam in head V8. I would like to consolidate info on the Coyote in the SL-C in this thread.