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    slc sway bars

    I am finally able to work on our slc again with hopes of finishing it up. I have Frans stock sway bars which I will not use, I will make them available if someone wants to use them at a fire sale price. we use speedway engineering bars which give us great ability to fine tune the chassis, my...
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    slc floors

    I know the seat boxes are dropped 1'' I know they made an extended footbox to move the pedals forward for taller people [I am 6' 3''] I cant find any pictures of that. Has anyone dropped the pedal box my size 12 feet hit the steering shaft [usual for me] and it looks like I will drop the pedal...
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    SLC Dash and Gauges

    Has anyone used different gauges in the slc? I know it requires changing the dash for more gauges. I searched and found interiors but gauges seem to be the same mostly the koso unit.
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    slc bulkhead

    Has anyone installed a bulkhead window on a superlite coupe?
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    z-f bell housing steel or aluminum?

    I don't know if it has been brought up before, but its time for me to ask. We went out to the track with our mk-2 and It worked great! cornering braking acceleration all exceeded my expectations. I ran it as I normally would not race hard shifting between 6 and 6500 without any problems. I had...
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    SLC ford or chevy

    Is anyone running a ford motor in there SLC, and is anybody doing it with a Grazziano. I imagine the ford mustang gt-350 motor will be available soon if not already and am curious between it and the LS in the superlite.
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    flipping my z-f

    I read a bunch of the threads I found, to find out what exactly needs to be done to flip a z-f . I could not find specific information on what exactly needs to be done. I would like to find something in written form if possible and thought about ERA as I know they have been mentioned as a source...
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    Rcr gt40 mkiv

    After reading the post about RCR's (Fran) 917's and 962's, which also mentioned the SLC and the GT40, I felt compelled to make a post. One of our new projects, along with the SLC, is a RCR GT40 MKIV. I am not the best at posting pictures, but I am trying to improve! I will start with the...
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    slc Ls 376 and grazziano

    Picked up the ring gear from Audi today it fits right onto the clutch assemble. The starter was sourced from one of my local suppliers according to the numbers from Francis I crossed it to a 1996-2006 Volkswagen Jetta 1.9 liter manual transmission just over 100 dollars, core of 80 dollars [we...
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    slc with ls 376 and grazziano

    anyone else running the ls engine with the grazziano transaxle in there slc?
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    race car replicas

    Looks like fran is back to racing! looks like they are gone doing the endurance race from the 20th-27th lets hope they do well! I as well as others, I am sure will be watching
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    slc transaxle

    anyone else running the grazziano transaxle in there slc. We are waiting on the flywheel and clutch assemble from fran for the installation, and I could not help myself so I carefully chiseled the insulation crap off of the back and cleaned the case up. according to fran it was used for sound...
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    slc headlights

    spent some time this weekend building, four headlight buckets for the slc They are adjustable and we will duraglass and fiberglass them in place. Things are tight up there but they will look good. What is everyone else doing?................
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    x pipe vs x over exhaust

    Thanks to Tom and Mike who answered my first post as well as dennis olthoff and my friend fran hall we have decided to go with the traditional standard crossover 40 exhaust. We are using 2'' primary tubes into 3.5 collectors. With help from everyone we figured the diffrence in the firing orders...
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    X- pipe vs crossover ?

    We are ready to build our first gt- 40 set of headers and exhaust, i would like some opinions {we all have them i know} on the bennifits of either going with an x-pipe 3.5 inch in and out, without the crossing over of the headers or crossing them over without the x-pipe. The motor is a high...