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    Turn2 track day photos

    I know that I have not been successful at posting photos in the past without help, but I have a link to photos taken at our track day where I took the GT40 for a day out in the sun! It was a cold day, but an awesome day! Turn2 Lapping The Ridge 01-04-2014 - a set on Flickr Enjoy! Tom
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    F1 Advice

    My wife, son, and I are planning on going to the Brazil F1 race. My son spent 2 years in São Paulo, so he is fluent in the language and familiar with the local customs. Question, is it that much better to be in the Orange Club than in the stands? With the club, there are pit passes and a lunch...
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    Ian Clark

    I will not go into the problems and challenges that I have had with Ian as a quick search would prove that out. After getting my parts, There were some things that needed to be ironed out. Ian has been a great help. He has been available each time I needed to contact him for clarification...
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    Fran Hall came to the rescue!

    I wanted to start a new titled thread to make sure that everyone was aware of Frans involvement in getting me parts for my CAV GT40. This is related to the thread Beware of Ian CAV. After years of struggling with Ian to get parts that I paid in full for, Fran Hall stepped up and made...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Yes, I know that this is a USA holiday, but if you take a moment, what are you thankful for? I lost my dad this year to a terrible bout of cancer. I am thankful that it took him quickly to end his pain and suffering. I am also thankful for good friends...
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    Happy 45th Anniversary to GT40

    I came across this link for the 45th anniversary of the GT40 of the 24 hour of LeMans. I learned something new about the car. Something about the tail lights! History News - articles | VIDEO: 45th Anniversary 'All-American' Le Mans Victory Commemorated | The Official Site of Ford Racing |...
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    CAV Canada

    In the Summer of 2010, I gave Ian the first half down payment for his suspension parts. It was promised to be delivered by October of that year. He asked me if I could give him the second half as delivery of my parts were to be on time. After many months of emails and phone calls with one...
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    What size rotors?

    I know there are those that say, bigger is better. Talking to Ian at CAV Canada, he has mentioned that on my CAV, I can upsize my rotors to either 12" or 13". He did mention that going to a 13", though will fit under the 17" rims, may rob horsepower due to weight. I do track this car, just...
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    Track day tires

    I will be taking off my 225 17 and 335 17's michelins for something agressive and am thinking of either the toyo or the hoosier in the 245 17's for the front and 315 17's for the rear. I do run the toyo R888 on my corvette, but am leaning to the Hoosiers. Thoughts? Yes, I did a search to...
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    Mastershift F1

    Here is a link to a car that I came across that has something that I havn't seen before. It appears to be some kind of cable accuated shifter for the ZF 5 speed. I wonder if the shifting would be faster as you still need to use the clutch. AutoTrader Classics - 1966 Ford GT40-Replica Coupe...
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    Facet Fuel Pumps

    Why would CAV install Facet Fuel Pumps which flows 35 GPH when most engines we will put into these machines require closer to 100GPH? My local Napa dealer looked at the pumps and they said that "we see these on forklifts". I was wondering why I was leaning out at higher rpm and further research...
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    Fuel Volume to Webers question

    I had the GT40 at a dyno a few weeks ago. It really leaned out badly above 4250 rpm. I didn't have my extra jets thinking that I needed larger jets. A thought came to mind which was that maybe I didn't have enough fuel flow to the carbs. I just tested the regulator and it was set to 2 lbs...
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    Hey, my car is on Jalopnik

    I recently took the GT40 to a sound thingy for Forza game. Jalopnik was there taking pictures. It is posted as part of a commentary on how they make the games. It is pretty cool. :thumbsup:
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    At the track

    I talked to Ian today about my CAV and the track came up. I live in the Seattle area and am an instructor for the Porsche club. I am now the chairman for the HPDE events for the club. I really enjoy going to our local track which is called Pacific Raceways. It has about 150 feet of elevation...
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    The mirrors that came with my car are woefully inadequate. I don't know where they came from or who made them, however their 1" x 2 1/2" is just ridiculous. I have done research on the site here and have come up with two styles that I like alot. I would like honest opinions of each of the...
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    Almost gave up on my dream

    A special thank you for all of the help that I have received from the forum members. 3 years ago I purchased a CAV with the ZF. It has taken all most this whole time sorting it all out. As of this morning, I was committed to sell my GT40 and purchase an '07 Porsche GT3RS. I had come to the...
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    Vetrans Day

    I know that this forum is world wide, however, many countries are affected by the world terror war. My thanks are to all of those who have served and are now serving in the military. I am very proud of my own family who has served and some now serving. My 17 yr old son is thinking of signing...
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    351 b & s, what would you do?

    I have a delima. I have a CAV, bored and stroked 351 to 427, 48 ida's, with zf. I really want to track this car, but have had challenges three times in a row. First time out the outboard cv exploded at turn 1 at Pacific Raceways in the Seattle area. Second time out, I broke the ring and pinion...
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    ZF at 700 hp

    Re: About to sign on the dotted line Just a quick question, I have a zf 5 speed in my cav gt 40. Can it be strong enough for the 700 hp out of my 427 hammer motor or should I be looking elsewhere? tom