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    Rt Drive Dash

    Hey all... Anyone State Side that has a rt drive dash for sale? Thanks!
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    CAV 15X12 BRMs

    Morning All... Does anyone have a pair of 15X12" BRMs for a CAV that you might be willing to part with? Thanks!
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    Saac 41

    Is anyone going to SAAC 41? Bring a car?
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    CAV O1E 6Spd

    Happy Friday All!! Time to change the fluids in my trans-axle. For the O1E 6-speed, does anyone know what the prefer ed fluids are? Location of the drain plug and fill hole? Quantity? Thanks !!!
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    CAV GT on Ebay

    Ford Ford GT | eBay Am I reading the price right???
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    Rear Spoiler and Canards

    In the process of making a rear spoiler and Canards. Spoiler ground to correct size, fitted and holes marked for drilling.
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    Gulf CAV GT in New York City

    In New York City for a long weekend. Had dinner in Chelsea and was walking around 13th St and 9th Ave... saw a Gulf CAV cruising in NYC traffic at about 7:30-8:00. Anyone know who it was? Tried to flag him down but no luck! Thought it was my car!
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    New Steering Wheel CAV

    Thought I would share this with the group... Installed a new MotoLita in my CAV this weekend. Includes a CRG quick release. Like the looks of the flat center plate as opposed to the typical alum center and emblem. Although I have that as well, this just looks different and racy!
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    New Wheel Color

    I couldn't take the temptation any longer. Painted my wheels!
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    Bet you haven't see this...

    Nearly ready for spring time…. Change the oil and filter, check! Clutch Slave, check! Tighten nuts and bolts, check! Tire pressures, check! Safety wire knock offs, check! Trans x fluids, check! Brake booster fluid good for -30 degrees….. …. Wait a minute, brake booster fluid… antifreeze? Yup...
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    CAV Brake help

    Guys... I am getting my car cleaned up and ready for the season and found brake fluid dripping from the brake pushrod on to the floor. When I press on the pedal, the fluid squirts out from around the push rod when the pedal is released. I suspect I need to replace the master cyl and maybe the...
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    CAV Shift Knob

    I didn't care for the CAV shift knob. Drew up and machined out a new one. MUCH better!
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    CAV Steering Wheel

    For those that are like me somewhat unhappy with their CAV steering wheel... I designed and had machined a new 6 bolt boss and printed a new center cap on one of our UV printers. Much better, no?
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    CAV coolant leak

    Need some suggestions guys... I have coolant leaking from the right rocker/sill. Appears to be dripping from the mono behind the right front tire. Nothing viasable on the tube over the rt frt suspension. Also is wet on the rt side floor. Is the rt side tube one pc to the rear or is there a...
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    Looking for a GT40 Trade

    I am looking for a nice GT40, Superformance, CAV, ERA... MkI, MkII... Prefer rt drive and already on the road. I have proposed a trade to a couple of people already, thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone might be interested. I have a 2005 BMW M3 Coupe, 36K miles, 100K...