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    WANTED - Large Hadron Collider

    Does anyone know where I might find a Large Hadron Collider at a reasonable price? I'd prefer one that won't cause the cataclysmic destruction of the Earth but I'll consider anything... as long as it creates God Particles! :wreck:
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    Electric Rattle Guns

    Has anyone had any experience with the new crop of electric rattle guns that are on the market today? They seem to be generally inexpensive and promise the world. I'm thinking of buying one for track days so it can't be mains power. Cordless vs 12V any thoughts? Cordless would be great if it...
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    How real motorbikes are built

    Have you ever wondered how a Triumph Rocket III is built? I wonder if I can improve the handling of my GT40 with this technology? ;) YouTube - TRIUMPH ROCKET III - 21ST CENTURY MOTORCYCLE MANUFACTURE
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    Australian Historic motorsport footage

    Has anyone else been watching the early motorsport footage on ABC2? I was too young to really appreciate it at the time so I was surprised to see how exciting the racing really was. Tonight they showed a 1968 “Sports Car” race (probably now called a GT race) at Wawrick Farm. Frank Matich in his...
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    The finer points of brake cooling

    Is there a best way to cool brakes in competition situations? Ducting the air to the brakes is OK, but what is the most efficient use of it once its there? Should I aim to cool the caliper alone or should I aim to cool the rotor prior to it entering the caliper or after exiting the caliper...