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    CV joint removal

    Gents, I need to pull apart a 930 CV joint to press a reluctor ring onto the CV body. I took a cursory glance at the area where the circlip retains the axle within the CV, but it's covered in grease so I can't yet get a detailed look. Before I tear into it, it would be useful to know whether...
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    hard cold starting LS7

    Gents, not sure if I am on the correct sub-forum for this one, but I have a problem with a LS7 cold starting. Involves lots of cranking, cracked open throttle and sometimes backfires, periodically causing a broken starter ring gear. I'm running an LS7 throttle body converted to cable...
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    signal lighting

    Gents, I've learned that a previously helpful and lenient tech inspector in my state has retired, and his replacement is a by-the-book kind of guy when it comes to lighting specs. i.e. he wants to see DOT/SAE lights in all positions. Does anyone have any recommendations for front turn signal...
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    ECU harness

    Don't know if this is the right forum to ask this, but roughly speaking, how many standards are there for the plug which interfaces with the ECU? Wondering if I ever want to change out the ECU (assuming the harness is wired to all appropriate senders etc), how many different standards are there...
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    Any Australians traveling to the US in the coming months?

    aside from building a T70 reproduction here in the US, I am also an avid cyclist. I've recently started to think about getting some new gear, and found an outfit in Sydney area that is carrying gear at what looks to be a very advantageous price (on closeout). Unfortunately for me, they do not...
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    air impact wrench/tools

    Guys, I'm thinking about getting into air tools for an impact wrench. Seems like when I'm working on an old car, what stops me more than anything is bolts I can't break free. I've thought about buying an electric impact wrench, but someone wiser than me suggested looking into a small...
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    Gd t70 #007

    Guys, I've been beavering away on this for quite some time, and it's finally looking like a car. Dyno tuning is finished, car is mechanically almost done (aside from alignment etc). Now just doing body done, will be keeping the car in gelcoat. Anyway, a few photos -
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    headlight covers

    Guys, I've researched some of the threads on installing headlight covers, and I'm hoping for a digest of the the most effective/best looking retention methods. I'm building a Lola T70 replica, the covers are fairly beefy poly carbonate. My first plan is to paint the borders on the back...
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    GD T70 w/ LS7 engine - dyno pull

    Guys, not much of a video, shot with a still camera running video, so the resolution stinks etc. Anyway, here's a pic vid of the car making a pull on the Mustang dyno. Engine is a LS7 with a slightly bigger cam, exhaling through cats and Borla mufflers. Still more tuning to do, but I...
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    trying something different in a LS7 oil pan

    Guys, I just got a new custom oil pan to try out on my Lola replica. This took some doing, as nobody seemed interested in building a pan to work with the stock LS7 oiling system. Finally found a really good guy in Oklahoma - he builds lots of sprint car and dirt track car pans and valve...
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    Torque spec for diff side cover on g96-88 needed

    Hello, I need to install a small sheet metal bracket underneath the bolts retainng the differential side cover on my GT3 gearbox. Given that I have to remove 2 nuts, I have 2 questions - 1) do I need to retorque all the side cover nuts (in sequence)? (I hope not!) 2) what is the...
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    Lucas flip switch threads?

    I'm working on getting the dash together on my car, and hate the nuts that are used to retain the lucas flip switches. I"m curious if anyone knows off hand the threading used in the retainer nut. I'm thinking of machining a set out of aluminum and then painting them. Will greatly reduce...
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    Web Gallery for Tom's GDT70 build

    Guys, Rather than go through the hassle of resizing every photo in my build library, I'm going to try something different - putting all the photos on a web gallery which I will link below. I confess, I have not been real heavy with camera use, nor am I working through this build in...
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    dashboard switch labels

    I'm getting to the point of installing the dash on my GDT70, and am looking for some thoughts on putting a finish on the alloy panel. Namely, I've been thinking about painting it with black crinkle paint, which I think would look vintage and cool. However, I assume that adhesive switch labels...
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    calling Aussie car builders for help on GM LS engines

    Gentlemen, A previous thread was started on the merits of using GM's LS series of engines. Interestingly, there is a new set of production heads for LS motors known as the L76/L92 head. These are cheap at $400 per pair bare, and flow approximately 310 CFM out of the box. Ported versions are...
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    Audi Gearboxes

    Does anyone know the model designation of the transaxles used in the RS6/RS4 cars? Both of these cars seem to have good ratings for gearbox shifting quality, and I wonder how involved it would be to remove the center differential and put a new endplate on? THinking it might be an alternative to...