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    My Engine Won't fire

    I know the answer to this story, but figured I would share, if nothing else maybe it saves someone else time in the future. GT 40 was running fine (Ford small block). Late one night after softball in early September, thought I heard a weird noise when I started it up. Convinced myself I...
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    Registration / VIN / Title in Minnesota

    OK, will pass along what I have learned so far. Went to the DMV yesterday to start the process. Pay them a bunch of money and I have the plates already. They spent a lot of time looking up what they had to do for a kit car, and finally found something. Seems like it will be titled with the...
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    Primer / Paint Blistering Need Help

    Hello, Many searches and web advice and nothing seems to make sense. I have primed or painted this same area at least three times, with sanding and removing material in the middle of those as well as wiping down with pre-paint prep and I get the same thing happening in the same place every...
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    Axle bolt Sizes?

    OK, a search didn't yield anything concrete, so will ask a question. Did find some info from Bill Mussara (I think that was right) on an old thread from Chuck and Ryan that indicated his bolts were the same inboard and outboard. I have G50 transmission, went to install the half-shafts last...
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    Stiff Throttle

    I guess the throttle is on the engine, so this is the right place for this post I hope. The first picture is taken from the top of the engine and shows the two golden colored arms, one connected to the webers and the other connected to the throttle cable (9 foot Lokar). If I remove the...
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    G50 Oil Capacity

    OK, maybe my searches are not good, but I can't seem to find anything. I can find the capacity from the book and such (3.6 liters if I recall), but can't seem to find any discussion on if that changes when you run inverted like in a GT. I realize that the capacity will change based on volume...
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    Transmission Oil Pump

    I thought I would see how big a mess I could make today. Actually, didn't make much of a mess which was good. See the attached picture which is a snapshot of my transaxle oiling system (most of it anyway), while it is running. The basics are 8N line from bottom of tranny to filter, 8N to to...
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    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    I guess a trailer is a "tool", at least I hope this is the correct place for this. So I am going to get a trailer soon, I don't anticipate that I will have to do extensive trailering of the GT, certainly a few times in the next year for painting and such and then maybe only once a year for some...
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    Rear cable routing

    So similar to the seat question, looking for thought on cable routing in the same area. For the wires going from dash to rear, I have two one inch bundles to get through to the rear. I did cut the front of the seat on the inside, so they fit by there along the spine. Then it seems best to run...
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    RCR Seats Mounting Seat Belts

    Hello, I have read a few written descriptions, have not yet found any good images, so thought I would ask. For an RCR GT, in particular on the passenger seat, how have you run the seat belts. The issue that I am seeing is that the holes that a seat belt bolt goes into are like 15.5 inches...
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    Wire conduit / convoluted tube

    So today’s trivia is what do you do when the local supply store is out of 3/4 inch wire conduit and you need it to keep moving? Well you just wander around the store and see what you find and you make your own. (See first image) and then use it to keep going. See second image.
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    Radiator Fan Direction and Wiring

    Hello, I think I did enough research and reading to determine that the direction of the airflow through the radiator should be from front to back. In that case with my fans, that means that they are pulling air through the radiator. That is accomplished by putting the 12VDC signal into the...
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    HotRod Heater /Air System

    OK, I had run into a mysterious area last week that left me wondering. I had three wires hanging down from my heater / AC system (after it was installed) and I didn't know what they were for. One was Red, one was Blue and one was Yellow, with bullet type connectors on each and the Yellow one...
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    Brake Light Switch

    Hello, Does anyone have some pictures (search can't find any), or recommendations for a brake light switch. I am inclined to go with a manual switch based on various reading. Thought about microswitch, that would maybe have some clearance issues and be in the way on the floor mounted pedals...
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    Trinary switch and fan wiring

    Hello I did a bunch of web research, looked at some images and readings on forums here, and tested as much of the circuit as I can. I think I have the wiring for the electric fan and trinary switch figured out and hopefully correct. I am intending to wire in a manual switch so that I can have...
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    Blinded by the lights

    Actually paralyzed by the light decision might be a better description. I have thought about using a simple older Ford pull knob for the lights. Thought about using a light switch from a 1970 Challenger (homage to a couple I owned), but the mounting would not work well at all with that...
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    Cable install question

    I think there is something I am missing. I am trying to install the heater flap cable in the picture in the dash. It has to be connected to the heater first and the heater installed b then the dash can be installed and then the cable. I expected to drill a hole in the dash and remove the Knox...
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    Ford probe turn signal

    For anyone that has used a ford probe turn signal. Where did you mount it. Pictures would be helpful. Also how did you mount it. Thanks.
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    Hopefully this is the appropriate forum for this post. I will be visiting Australia in March of next year for a couple of weeks. (Sydney area). My oldest lives there. Since I have to make the sojourn and visit, and it will take precious time away from the garage and my build, I should have...
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    Driver seat location

    Hello I am contemplating the location for the drivers seat. The seats are 17 inches wide. The distance in the well on the drivers side is 19.5 inches and the passenger is 17.5 inches. Passenger is easy, just center it. On the drivers side should the seat be something like a half inch inside...