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    Two recent reviews of Ford vs. Ferrari, the Hollywood drama
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    A previous version of Ford vs. Ferrari book is on

    Not as lavish as the Haynes book, but loads cheaper. Ford Vs Ferrari, the Battle for Le Mans Hardcover – 1984 by Anthony Pritchard (Author) A journalist friend of mine got together with Anthony Pritchard, and got the rights to reprint this significant book, about what is referred to as the...
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    Reviews of Adam Carolla's documentary called Shelby American Carroll Shelby

    Released Nov. 2020
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    Interview of James Mangold, directr of Ford v. Ferrari (LeMans '66) on You Tube

    the most interesting thing he said is tha an early cut was 3 1/2 hours long and the intervewer was begging that the longrt version be releases maybe on Blue Ray but Mangold says he has argued with himself, and concluded that maybe it's better that the as-released version be the only one
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    Series of paintings imagined scenes from the upcoming feature about LeMans

    Only two done so far, one of the lead character playing Shelby in front of a '66 Mk. II the other of Enzo Ferrari in the pits behind a Ferrari prototype. Haven't seen the movie yet so don't know if they will show Enzo at LeMans; my understanding is that he didn't venture to races outside...
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    Interview of Bale & Damon in British GQ coming up
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    Q & A on Ford GT40 program in '60s. Caught one mistake, any more?

    Exhibit Hours LVCC & Westgate Exhibits New Products Showcase Tuesday, November 5 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 6 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Thursday, November 7 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Friday, November 8 9:00...
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    Los Angeles radio show blurs the line between 1st in class and winning LeMans
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    Los Angeles radio show blurs the line between 1st in class and winning LeMans
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    Two different names for identical movies , one for US and the other for GB and Yurrup

    Story in tomorrow. I bet a lot of publishers are torn between using the name Ford vs. Ferrari or LeMans in ther book titles.
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    Will trade GT40 art (and dance on the table) for two tickets to the LA Premiere of F v. F Nov. 4th

    While the new film Ford v. Ferrari opens nationwide Nov. 15th, they are going to have the premiere in Los Angeles Nov. 4th. I was lucky enough to stumble across the announcement on the net but not smart enough to get on the invite list. Anybody that has two extra tickets to the premiere, contact...
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    At last a car guy reviews Ford v. Ferrari, a Motor Trend editor

    He points out a lot of factual errors (doesn't mention that in the Shelby demonstrating a GT40 to HFII that they have them in a coupe when it was a roadster) but then goes on to praise the drama and spectacle, so i'd say he gave it a B plus. we will read more car guys reviews after the Los...
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    Second edition of Pitchard Ford vs. Ferrari book available on Amazon

    Brian Winer, former co-publisher and a Safir GT owner, is advertising some new old stock copies of the Pritchard book on Amazon for under $40 each. The book is the one where he and a co-publisher stiched together two out of print Pritchard books so it would cover '64 thru '69 at LeMans. Here's a...
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    Warch the trailer--are you going to see Ford v. Ferrari? here's a review just of the trailer

    from Ford v. Ferrari – The Trailer: An Enthusiast’s Review by Wallace Wyss – Yes, there are even reviews of trailers. Why? Well, here on My Car Quest (and other car sites) because this is shaping up to be an important movie to car...
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    trading prints of GT40s and original Cobras for b & w publicity pictures of GT40s, LeMans '64-'69

    I have about ten fine art prints sized 11" x 17" from original paintings of GT40s & 289 & 427 Cobras, printed on art paper. Sold for $75 ea. at Pebble Beach, Will trade any one print for a glossy black & white period glossy print or color print taken before 1970 of: 1964 GT40 1965 GT40 coupe...
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    There might be some GT40 replicas at this event...

    from Road & Racecar: Carroll Shelby Tribute Weekend, May 3–4 0 BY VR STAFF ON APRIL 23, 20192019, APRIL '19, CURRENT ISSUE OF RACECAR, NEWS–RACECAR, NORTH AMERICA, REGION, VINTAGE RACECAR ARCHIVES, VINTAGE RACECAR ARTICLES The second Team Shelby Movie Night and 7th Annual Carroll Shelby...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari film set for Nov. 15, 2019: VARIETY liked the preview

    Apparently VARIETY liked the prview, writing this yesterday:" CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK "Perhaps newly-minted Disney employee and Fox Film vice chairman Emma Watts said it best herself: movies like the studio’s “Ford v. Ferrari” are “an endangered species.” Lucky, then, that Disney inherited the...
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    Superformance having an open house in Irvine,CA October 13th, 2018

    HILLBANK OPEN HOUSE Here's what they are saying; "Celebrate their new Irvine, CA, location during an Open House on Saturday, Oct. 13th, 10AM to 3PM. Rev up your spirits with a tour of their new facility, meet racing legend Bob Bondurant, experience incredible Ford and Shelby performance...
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    Hillbank/Superformance Open House Irvine CA October 13th

    This firm makes Cobra and GT40 replicas. They are in Orange County, a few miles from the ocean. EVENT DETAILS Hillbank Motors / Superformance1 Whatney Irvine, CA 92618Saturday, October 13, 201810:00 AM - 03:00 PM CONTACT PERSON Cynthia White [email protected] 1 Hillbank Open House...
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    Will Hollywood do the GT40 story right?

    A PROGRESS REPORT: FORD VS.FERRARI WILL A HIT MOVIE ABOUT CARROLL SHELBY INCREASE INTEREST IN GT40s? by Wallace Wyss – I’m hoping. Hollywood is not only talking about a GT40 film this time but actually lensing it as we speak. I already heard of one of the lead actors being trained to drive at...