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    Hello from Readng, UK

    Ian, How much do I owe you? Merry Christmas to all the family. Brian
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    Hello from Readng, UK

    Hi Mark, Welcome to the forum. I am in Newbury and have a GTD GT40 that I built and has been on the road nearly 20 years. You are welcome to come and have a chat some time and maybe come along to a club meeting in Winchester. Send me a PM and we can exchange details. Brian.
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    Cheshire SGT build

    The aliminium panels on my car were chromate coated before being satin powder coated. That was 20 years and 35000 miles ago. Even the areas ahead of the rear wheels where they get blasted by road grit just need a quick spray of WD40 and a wipe over to make them look like new. I would not think...
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    Flywheel and crank mismatched bolt holes

    There is one hole in the crankshaft offset so that the flywheel will only fit in one place to ensure the balance stays correct. The unused hole at eight o'clock looks like it is off set. maybe it just needs moving round. Brian.
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    Ken Saunders

    Hi Kev, Hope you are well. Ken's niece has been in touch with the club and we are helping out where we can. We normally had a Christmas card from him but not last year so we suspected something was not right. Brian.
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    Brett's RS GTD

    Don't tell me, a cycling accident ? ? Brian.
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    Club Shop

    Hi John, You should be asking this question on the GT40 Enthusiasts Club website forum. Go onto the website and click on For Sale. I don't see a car cover on there. Brian.
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    Starter Motor Type RAC517?

    Hi Dave, The standard Ford small block starter motor mounting dimensions are Locating step = 4 1/8" Distance across mounting holes = 5 1/4" The mounting holes are offset by 5/8" from the centre line. All these measurements were measured with a steel rule and cheap vernier but should be fairly...
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    Thruxton Motorsport Celebration

    With just a couple of days to go and the weather prospects looking good for the weekend we have 7 cars booked in for Saturday and 8 for Sunday. The organisers have arranged for extra car passes to be on the gate so it is not too late to bring your GT40 along. Send me a PM today if you fancy...
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    Thruxton Motorsport Celebration

    Hi Bob, I have just sent you an email with full details. Would love you to come along. Brian.
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    Thruxton Motorsport Celebration

    The closing date for this event is 3pm on 24th May. If you want to display your GT40 send me a PM and I will give you the discount booking code. We shall have the new club marquee so if you want to come along without a car we should be in the same place as last year. adjacent to the tunnel. Take...
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    insurance for a GTD? who would you use in the UK?

    Hi Dave, I use Classicline, but is this for road use or storage???!!! Brian
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    Retro Rides Weekender - Goodwood

    Does anyone know about the GT40 replicas that are advertised to attend this event on the 18/19 May. I have been watching the Escort build for Gordon Murray by Retropower on U-Tube and they will be attending with the car and some other of their builds. I would like to go down in my '40 if I can...
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    Thruxton Motorsport Celebration

    I am organising a Club display of GT40s at Thruxton again this year open to all Club members. It is on June 1st/2nd. Send me a PM if you are interested. Brian.
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    Passenger Ride wanted for a lifelong fan...

    Hi Mike, Send me a PM or email me on brian at bmagee dot co dot uk. I am in Newbury
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    The club ?

    Paul, You have to be a Club member to access this site. Are you a member? Brian.
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    The club ?

    Frank, Go onto the website and click on Forum. Brian.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all and plenty of GT40 miles in 2019. Brian.
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    Castle Combe ticket for this Saturday

    I have 1 admission ticket, vehicle pass & parade lap pass spare for Saturday's Castle Combe Autumn Classic. £15.00. This is for a GT40 only. If you are interested let me know ASAP. First come, first served. For more information see Castle Combe's website or Tony Jaspers post above. Brian Magee.
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    Post IVA registration

    Hi Marcus The simple answer is that the IVA tester examines the car to see if it conforms with the build regulations. Assuming it passes they give you a certificate which you send to the DVLA with all of your major bills and they then decide if it has a new registration or 'Q'. Brian.