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    Ex-Strathaven for Sale?

    I got a flyer in the mail with a preview of Bonhams' Goodwood Revival auction in September. It shows lots of pretty cars, including an "ex-Team Strathaven" GT40 (which I think is 1078). The estimate for the GT40 is 2,000,000 GBP. But looking at the Bonhams' website, for some reason the GT40...
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    Question Time

    I'm sure this happens to most people in this forum. You pull into the gas/petrol station with an interesting car on a trailer and someone starts talking to you about your car. This evening, I was accosted by a woman at the gas station who recognized my truck and trailer even though I didn't...
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    Electric Ferrari

    Someone rescued a fire damaged Ferrari 308 GTS from a junkyard and converted it to battery powered. The car was later sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $84,700. What has me horrified is not the conversion of a Ferrari to battery power but guy who bought it at the auction is quoted in the...
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    The Devil's Work

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    Beer Lift

    Someone made a pneumatic lift for storing beer underground in their yard. Is this the world's best plant pot? Garden ornament rises out of lawn to reveal incredible hidden BEER FRIDGE
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    Mystery Car Contest

    They've already announced the winner and answer (I'll post it later), but I'm curious if anyone on this site (that's a clue) can identify the car (until now, I didn't know that the car existed). THE AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS d'ELEGANCE SECOND ANNUAL REALLY HARD "IDENTIFY THIS CAR" CONTEST. WIN...
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    Antenna Range

    Someone asked on Amazon about a product, but due to a typo, he got a lot of answers to the question asked, but not the question intended. Customer Questions & Answers I can't help wondering if any of the Paddock regulars responded.
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    Tesla Car in Space!

    This is cool. You can see video of Elon Musk's personal Tesla car floating in space. Live Views of Starman - YouTube It's cool watching the reflection of the Earth move across the side of the car. Supposedly Elon Musk said that if anyone retrieves the car, they can keep it.
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    Auction: J12

    Gooding has J12 up for auction in March at Amelia Island. 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV | Gooding & Company 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV The Last of 12 GT40 Mk IV Chassis Built Chassis: J12
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    Reinventing the Wheel

    For the next mission to Mars (or the Moon), NASA is working on developing a new type of wheel.
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    bluetooth OBDII scanner and software?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a bluetooth OBDII (OBD2) scanner and Android software to use with? (for Ford, Toyota, and Subaru)
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    The Making of "The Italian Job"

    This is a wonderful behind the scenes look at a great movie (the original) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 (This is the self preservation Society) - YouTube (part 1) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 ( It's All About The Mini Coopers) - YouTube (part 2)
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    A Scary Photo

    After driving 55 miles, I found this when I lifted the tail.
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    1030 Article

    GT40 1030 appears in an article (and on the cover) in the spring 2017 issue of "Mesh New England". Lots of nice photos by Josh Sweeney of Shoot for Details.
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    Tire straps?

    Has anyone tried using tire straps like these for towing? They go along the tread of the tire, up one side and down the other. They use three J hooks, one each in front and behind the tire and then a third for the ratchet. Car Carrier Wheel Strap w/ Wire Hooks & Adj Rubber Blocks &...
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    Street and Track Car? Sub $40K?

    For driving in the US, what is a good, modern street car that can drive to the track and then drive on the track at a track day event (not racing) that costs less than $40,000? At the moment, I'm considering a new Mustang with the 4-cylinder 2.3L Ecoboost engine with the Performance (Track)...
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    Hydraulic Car Ramps

    I haven't tried these hydraulic car ramps, but they look useful. When flat, they're only 5" (12.5cm) tall. They have a foot pump to raise the ramps to a max of 16" (38.5cm). The prices (before VAT) for a pair are GBP 350 for 900KG capacity and GBP 375 for 1,350KG capacity. HYDRAULIC CAR...
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    1030 in a Wind Tunnel.

    GT40 1030 at Ford's (Sverdrup) wind tunnel in 2002. 1030 was on loan to Ford while they developed the Ford GT which came out in 2003. GT40 1030 in a Windtunnel - YouTube The decals and stripe were added temporarily by Ford for some promo photos, but they didn't use the photos because...
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    1030 at Amelia Island

    1030 will be making its debut at a national concours at Amelia Island in March. It's appeared at a few regional events (including surprising people by showing up a couple of local cruise nights), but now it's time to see how it does with the big boys.
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    LEGO Kit (March 2017)

    LEGO has a small kit coming out with a GT40 (1046) and a new GT (#66) as part of their Speed Champion series. It's coming out in March, price will be about $30. Lego Ford GT and Ford GT40 Speed Champions kits news and on sale date If you'd like...