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    GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 rear screen mesh size

    Trying to replicate the rear screen for a the xgt-2 with expanded stainless steel mesh screening but want to get the sizing correct. Looks like the open diamond shaped spaces are 1/4 inch high and approx 3/4" long 18 gauge in thickness. It may be a bit nitpicky but I like the way the original...
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    Mk2 tail screen

    I posted this also on the looking for forum but figured it might be appropriate here too. I am looking for the rear screen that goes from tail light to tail light for a Mk2. Thanks
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    Mk2 rear clamshell screen

    I'm looking for the rear screen between the tail lights, before I try to take on a fools errand and try to fabricate this I will see if anyone has one to sell, thanks -Steve
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    using stewart 240 fuel pump questions

    Possibly a silly question but I'm using 2 stewart warner 240 fuel pumps in parallel feeding a 302 ford. When I turn on the pumps they work great then the fispa fuel filter/regulator fills up the le mans carb gets 5psi pressure, then the pumps start to slow down, even stop and start up again...
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    superformance alternator warning light question

    just chasing down some gremlins in my electrical system and noted when I disconnected the alternator harness and when checking the two wires attached to the harness there is a black wire ( the F - i guess field connection) that gives out 12v when key turned to run position and 6-7 volts coming...
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    superformance fuel sending unit removal help

    I took out the 6 small bolts that look like it keeps the sending unit in place, no movement of the sending unit, how do you lift the sending unit out. It has never really worked, always shows a 1/2 tank when empty. Thanks -Steve
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    looking for a set of SPF GT40 doors

    Been trying to get my fiberglass doors to fit over the last several months but they weren't original SPF doors, I believe they were made by Bill Hough and came in 2 pieces each. After much cutting and epoxy I can see I still have alot more time to go with questionable results. any SPF doors out...
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    roof vent plastic box

    I also posted this in looking for parts, I am in the market for the plastic roof vent box, any condition, cut up broken, whatever. Thanks -Steve
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    Looking for superformance plastic roof vent box

    If you have let me know, thanks -Steve
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    lexan velocity stack hold down

    Looking for the 3 spoke hold down for a mk2 holley carb lexan velocity stack, if I can't find one I guess I'll have to make one but if its something not too difficult to find then I would prefer to buy, getting tired of fabricating things, thanks -Steve
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    Velocity stack 3 bladed hold down

    Does anyone know where to source the 3 bladed velocity stack holder seen on the Mk2 with the lexan stacks and holley lemans carbs, thanks -Steve
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    bug deflector

    Still on the fabrication kick, looking to replicate the bug deflector found on the XGT-2 - but for a LHD car, I've noticed one side has a curve backwards - is this done with a stretching/shrinking tool or tig welded to a base? Also how tall is it, my best guestimation is 4" - thanks -steve
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    Looking for xgt-2 nostril, front air dam,parts or info

    Does anyone out there have any parts to help convert my single nostril to the GT 40 xgt-2 style, the side wings, the center splitter of the nostril, the air deflector in front of the windshield, size of the hood pins, things like that. I have gotten alot of help from the other forums on this...
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    GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 nostril

    Hi I am looking to replicate the nostril cover from the #7 GT40 Mk2 XGT-2 from what I currently have, which is a plain single nostril. Does anyone know how to make the riveted in center divider, and the 2 aluminum wings on the sides of the cover. Any info or more detailed info on this style of...
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    engine compartment thermoswitch

    Anybody knows where the engine compartment thermoswitch is mounted - the one that the brown/black wire goes to? Is in the intake manifold or in the block, thanks -Steve
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    wiring question

    On the rear harness there is a brown wire with black stripe that is for engine temperature to run the fans (I have the wiring diagram from Blas, just not with me right now) is this sensing temperature from an engine block temp probe or a coolant temperature sensor located in the intake manifold...
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    AN3 or AN4 tubing from master cylinder to clutch

    I have read that its preferable to use AN4 size rigid tubing (with 1/4" ID)to the external slave clutch cylinder from the clutch MC on a ZF tansmission as it allows a better flow back and forth of fluid. But since I have a wilwood MC that has an output of 3/8" -24 which would appropriate for a...
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    rocker panel attachments

    On the superformance cars, how are the side fiberglass rocker panels attached, at the top where the sill panel is, not just the attachment points underneath, thanks -Steve
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    looking for door boxes

    Looking for a set of door boxes, any extras out there or is anyone currently making them? thanks -steve
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    smith GT40 GPS speedo install instructions

    I have installed my GPS speedo and as soon as I did the needle jumped to 200 mph and continues to want to move further, and now I cannot find my installation instructions to determine if I wired it correctly. The store I got it from won't be open till monday but was hoping to have my dash...