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  1. blueovalz

    2019 Formula 1

    Canada was a normally boring race until 3/4 of the way through it. Even my wife thought it has some entertainment value.
  2. blueovalz

    Using Heim joints on fixed-width control arms.

    I've got a question I've always had about spacing for inner Heims on fixed-spacing control arms. Whenever I fabricate my suspension arms utilizing inner Heims, I always provide adjustability of the arm itself, for the centerline-to-centerline spacing so that there is never any preload on the...
  3. blueovalz

    Passing on something seen on a damaged RCR auction

    Thought this might be helpful or of use for our members. I would love to get a few parts from this, but I'm sure it will go much higher:
  4. blueovalz

    Where is Keith1?

    I'm afraid to ask, but I have not noticed Keith in any posts for a while. I don't know if it's because of the new format, or that he isn't posting. How is he doing?
  5. blueovalz

    EPAS install

    Recently I had a bicycle accident which re-injured some previous rotator cuff surgery, so now the Manta is much less enjoyable on the track than it was pre-injury. Because of the 6 degree caster, high ratio rack (1.5 turns L-to-L), it's a struggle to not only drive it on the street, but make the...
  6. blueovalz

    Seeming too rare occurance

    Finally got the car out on the track recently and had a great time. Age is catching up with me, and my abuse of my shoulders. Have decided that an EPAS system is a necessity now, so have a focus for this winter's modification.
  7. blueovalz

    2018 Formula One

    It's been a nightmare thus far with only one race, and a second qualifying under the belt for ESPN2's coverage of Formula One this year. So far, both event's qualifying coverage ended before the qualifying ended (thus I had to go online to find out the Q3 results. Commercials on the first race...
  8. blueovalz

    Texas doesn't like specialty cars?

    Seems Texas is being a bit inconsistent with its Less Big Government philosophy, as well as practicality.
  9. blueovalz

    Not made in China

    I have mixed thoughts on this video (happened on it purely by accident), but found it interesting. TIM'S CHINA RANT! (EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) - YouTube
  10. blueovalz

    Cooling fan failure after track runs

    I'm guessing that the high speed straights are causing my radiator fans to freewheel to the point of bearing failure (any alternative failure ideas will be entertained as well). Has then been experienced by others, and if so, any remedies? This is a street/track car, so taking the fans out/in...
  11. blueovalz

    A jet only the British could love.

    Watching the Reno Air races today, and couldn't take my eyes of of the DeHavilland Vampire pounding on the field of L39 Albatroses. It was like watching a pregnant guppy beating a school of barracudas.
  12. blueovalz

    I'm a sucker for WWII aircraft

    Wished we had airshows like this in the States.
  13. blueovalz

    Interesting Porsche homebuild (it think?)

    Porsche 962 racecar
  14. blueovalz

    Electric radiator fan free-wheel speed

    Has anybody got any experience or knowledge of what is happening to a typical electric radiator fan while the car is being driven at high speed? My concern is the un-powered fan speed, being driven by the flow of air through a well-sealed radiator, and if that speed would exceed the...
  15. blueovalz

    Giant Kart for sale

    Shadow MkI Historic - Original Shadow Mk 1 up for sale
  16. blueovalz

    Fire suppression tubing question

    What is the best means of cutting Dekabon tubing? I recently received my SPA multi-port system that uses 6 nozzles, but no mention in the manual as to proper or improper cutting techniques for the tubing. I would assume the end must be properly dressed after cutting, while avoiding crimping or...
  17. blueovalz

    Double bar harness strap installation

    Looking for some help from the forum on a question I have about the "double bar" method of attaching a belt to the floor. Because I basically sit on the floor of this project, I've chosen to use this method (perhaps used by the open wheelers?). Anyway, the question I have is should the bars...
  18. blueovalz

    You know she loves you when...

    So, for Valentine's day, my sweetie bought me a big heart-shaped box M&Ms????? Upon closer inspection, their was more to meet the eye: That's a McLaren M8A in lower right. What a gal!
  19. blueovalz

    Hollow bolts

    Looking for an education here. What is the purpose of these, and when would one use them. I saw some 1/2" hollow bolts the other day, and upon close inspection could see they were simply tubes with a hex head welded in place, and rolled threads. Obviously not something that would withstand a...
  20. blueovalz

    Speedo Sensor Question - Remote location

    I'm installing a magnetic speedometer sensor off of a toothed wheel attached to the CV joint. This is a very convenient location versus placing it on an upright. The sensor appears to have a permanent magnet in the central core. My question to the group is; does the higher heat level inside our...