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    GT40 45th Reunion @ Road America DVD

    There is a DVD of the 45th GT40 Reunion @ Road America on the 6 Minute Instructor site. Six Minute Instructor - Racing and just in time for Christmas. My wife and I spent untold hours working on this. It's our first DVD production and we learned a lot doing it. Hope you enjoy. The...
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    Land Speed Racing Record

    I finally got my GT40 down to Laurinburg NC for some aerodynamic testing. The East Coast Timing Association ( ) holds a land speed racing event over a 1 mile course. The sanctioning body (actually the insurance company) will only let non-caged cars go 150mph plus maybe...
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    April 1 Maxton AFB NC - Land speed testing

    I know of one GT40 that will be getting stretched out on the measured mile. For more information about the event East Coast Timing Association Mark
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    17" wheel sadness

    17\" wheel sadness Has anyone ever measured the run-out of their wheels? I think I'll be making a new coffee table out of my rear wheels. Bought a new set of 17" wheels because as we all know there is no high speed rubber available for 15" wheels (unless you go for bias ply racing slicks)...
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    U.S. GT40 Racing Association

    Can we start one? Would there be enough interest to afford to rent tracks? We could keep it sane with a vintage racing rule. You hit someone you fix their car. Let's you race as fast as you want. You just have to be a bit more conservative in a passing situation. You can't do a NASCAR punt...
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    any 40 racing in the States?

    Are GT40s allowed to race in any series in the US? I have heard different people were working on setting up a series or homologation. I'm wondering who is allowing what these days. Thanks, Mark
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    Watkins Glen June 16-19

    For the baddest of the bad. I will be there but I doubt I'll have my car sorted for a stab at full out racing. Historic Sports Car Racing at the Glen Mark
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    Carlisle All Ford National June 3-5

    Two weeks after the import / kit / replica show is the all Ford show. Just in case ya didn't know. Mark
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    Bump steering a lowered CAV

    Does anyone have a good solution for fixing the bump steer on a lowered CAV? The tie rod needs to be located right where the boss is located on the upright for the tie rod. Any chance of getting the factory to move that boss so the tie rod can enter from the bottom? Some guys want to go...
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    ZF Repair & Rebuilding

    I'm going to make the jump into ZF repair and tweaking. Since I have rebuilt a couple dozen manual transmissions and have set up a couple dozen differentials I don't think there will be many surprises. Pinion depths, pre-loads, end-play and a real good eye for machined surface defects are...
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    Searching for ZF set-up tools

    Can anyone give me a pointer to a "For Sale" set of tools that is needed to set-up the ZF transmission? I read the procedure a couple years ago and seem to remember an arbor and a pinion depth tool and a couple other items. Thanks in advance, Mark
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    Shameless AND sexist commercial exploitation - Xtreme GT40

    It's as finished as it's going to get. Many thanks to Alyssa Delaney and Sara Rice. Hope you enjoy: Babes and hot cars (12.9Mb) Mark
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    Have CAV / GTD splitter - need volunteer

    I have a brand new CAV / GTD splitter sitting in the shop and I was wondering if anyone near to Northern Va. would allow me to check the splitter's fit to their car. Not an installation just a dimensional check to assure a good fit. This can be done on either a finished or unfinished car...
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    Shameless commercial exploitation - QuickTime Movie

    I've been playing with the video cam, Final Cut and a compressor and came up with this initial draft for a commercial. It made me smile even in its unfinished form so I thought I'd share it with everyone. Xtreme GT40 QuickTime Movie Yes I need: 1. professional microphone 2. pretty...
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    Pin Drive Wheel Manufacturers

    Does anyone have a compiled list of pin drive wheel manufacturers? My 15" wheels and tires are already obsolete ('cept for car shows) and I would like to fit some "Y" rated tires on the car. It's got to be 17" or more these days to get real tires. The two I know of are PS Engineering and...
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    Xtreme Classics New Services

    <u>Xtreme Classics</u> Formula Car Style Chassis Alignment Laser String Box Laser Toe Gauge Laser Bump Steer Gauge Laser Scale Transit Computerized 4 Corner Scale System Xtreme Classics Paris, Va. 20130 (near Rt 50 & Rt. 17 on the Blue Ridge) 540-592-3030
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    Mark's Xtreme GT40 First Drive

    Mark\'s Xtreme GT40 First Drive Words?
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    Lojack buy

    After reading about 2 cars being stolen in one week (1 Lotus & 1 GT40) I've convinced myself I need a Lojack. But a call to Lojack Central and I am told I must let some fumble fingered knumbnuts install this thing in MY car. Is there any way I can get this item and install it myself or is...
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    Best ballast material when setting corner weights

    I'm looking for the best material to use to simulate the driver's weight when setting corner weights and ride heights. Lead is toxic but easily available. Is there a better material, heavier, less toxic than lead but still affordable. Thanks in advance. Mark
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    Xtreme Classics' New Sill Extensions

    Xtreme Classics\' New Sill Extensions Carbon Fiber rocker panel sill extensions for your GT40? Blasphemy? You decide. These little sweeties can be purchased for $750 USD (pair) with a 10% racer discount. They fit ERA, GTD, CAV, and RFGT40 models and do not lower your car. The bottom...