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    917 Engine start..... after 30 years !!!!

    It looks to me that this is the 917 from the former Rosso Bianco museeum. Looking at page 243 of the book Rosso Bianco Collection there is a picture of the engine room of the 917. When comparing this with the video on youtube, everything including the earthing strap and the cable ties is...
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    15 inch tyres.....

    I too would like Fr 235 55 R 15 Rr 295 50 R 15 preferably Z-rated. I got 7" rims at the front and 10" at the rear. Would these sizes fit?
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    Titanium GT40 Chassis

    You will most certainly not find titanium square tubing because there is no market for it. Titanium in various grades and alloys is available as sheet, round tube and pipe and mainly used for process equipment in chemical plants. Welding of titanium is a very specialized area. Titanium must be...
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    German V6 on e-Bay

    Sorry,don't know much about them. I think I read somewhere that they were based around a KVA chassis but don't know exactly. There used to be a website from Hermsen which I saw last time about a year ago but I can't find it anymore.
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    The Trip[ Down Under...

    The greatest country in the world. But they also love their speed cameras (every policeman has at least 2). If the country, the weather and the people could be combined with the rules of the Autobahn, it would be perfect.
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    German V6 on e-Bay

    This is a Hermsen Gt40 replica, the car is offered without engine, transaxle and rear axle. The car is in rolling condition, the car needs major overhaul, the car was last de-registered in 1/2000. Registered engine was 2800cc, 109 Hp. Tyres front 225/50-15 on Revolution wheels, rear 2 on...
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    GT40 Go Cart

    Don't know but here is an interesting 1/2 scale GT40 for sale: 1/2 scale GT40
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    LHD GTD for sale in Germany

    This car has been for sale over here for the last 18 months. No chance of selling at this rediculously high price.
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    GT40's 40th Anniversary at the Nurburgring

    Re: GT40\'s 40th Anniversary at the Nurburgring As far as tracking down original cars, there is one just around the corner from me in the Rosso Bianco museum in Achaffenburg / Germany. I believe it is #1071. I took a picture of it today.
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    GT40's 40th Anniversary at the Nurburgring

    Re: GT40\'s 40th Anniversary at the Nurburgring High Ande 4o, The idea is excellent. Would also be great if as many GT40 replicas as possible would be there. As to your suggested date, the Formula 1 GP of Europe will be held on the Nuerburgring over the weekend May 28-30. For me,it's only 200...
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    Clutch slipping on my GTD

    Chris Melia suggested to me that I should get a release bearing from a Ford Escort Mexico as it is narrower than my present one. Does anyone know where to get this from?
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    Clutch slipping on my GTD

    Thanks for the advise so far - it is actually not restricted to people who drive red cars. Julian, I think my problem might be different to yours because the clutch cover is touching the release lever above the pivoting point. So if the arm would release further, it would reduce the clearance to...
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    Clutch slipping on my GTD

    Jasper, I measured the height of my clutch cover. It is 54 mm.
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    Clutch slipping on my GTD

    My clutch was slipping,particularly when suddenly accellerating and at higher rpm, particularly in 5th gear, so I took the gearbox off to inspect. The clutch plate and the friction surfaces at flywheel and clutch cover are basically in as new condition. The back of the clutch cover has some...
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    MK IV Replica

    I don't think it's a one-off. A few months back there was another one for sale in Switzerland for €150000. But I have no idea about the chassis and internals.
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    MK IV Replica

    Noticed this MK IV replica in Belgium 4sale. Hope the link works. MK IV
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    Flat tire

    1.Slowly (very slowly)creep that 1km to the next service station, keeping that flat tyre in the grass to avoid damage to the rim 2.Wait for the flat tyre to cool down 3.Carefully try to re-inflate the tyre,first to 10psig 4.When it appears to hold the air slowly bump the pressure up to 20psig...
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    Dunlop vintage tires

    Fred/GT40, are these tyres street legal? Iam presently looking for a complete set of tyres for my 15" wheels. I just lost a rear tyre BF Goodrich BF 265/50 VR15 when it decided to go bang during pumping up.