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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Gentlemen, I'm finding my Facet/Malpassi fuel system is struggling to keep up after many years of reliable use. I've searched many fuel pump threads & am looking for the best option to upgrade my current system, hopefully without too much modification. Are the Gerotor type pumps the best...
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    Wilwood Mechanical Handbrake Spot Parking Brake Caliper - Pair

    Pair of Wildwood cable operated handbrake callipers, well used & well worn. Fitted with spacers to suit 28mm thick discs and extended pull levers. In honesty, these callipers do not work particularly well, but when correctly adjusted & setup they worked well enough to pass an MOT, once! May be...
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    Gt40 club magazines

    Located in Braunton, North Devon, UK. Large collection of GTD club and GT 40 enthusiasts club magazines. Free to anyone who will collect. Contact [email protected] Kind Regards Julian West
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    FS EU GTD parts - FOC, spares or repair

    Dear Forum Members, These GTD40 parts are located in Braunton, North Devon UK. FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who can collect them. All parts should be considered not working and incomplete, but I hope they will be useful for anyone fabricating/modifying/adapting parts for their project. I will...
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    Spa - looking for a trailer friendly Hotel

    All, Am off to Spa for a 2 day trackday, can anyone recommend a Hotel nearby with trailer friendly parking, good food & beer...? Happy to spend £££ a night for somewhere decent! Also, having never done a trackday outside of the UK, would be grateful for any advice or opinions! Thanks...
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    GTD headlight wiring - opinons?

    Gentlemen, I've noticed the headlight wiring on my car is showing signs of heat damage. On closer inspection the standard GTD wiring looks a little on the thin side. Also the earthing seems marginal & perhaps this is the reason? I'm considering re-wiring the dip/main beam with some relays...
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    UK Circuits noise regs - 98Dba @ 4500 rpm

    Gentlemen, Has anyone on the forum managed to get a Ford 302 engined GT40 down to 98Dba @ 4500 rpm? If so, would you be prepared to share any tips, advice or opinions on how to do so? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Julian West
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    GTD Steering wheel

    Stock GTD steering wheel & boss. Old & a bit tatty. £20 plus postage Located in Devon UK. Please PM me or email [email protected]
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    GTD Dampers & Springs - Spax adjustable

    Set of stock GTD Spax adjustable dampers and springs. The spring platforms have seized on one of the rear dampers, other three are fine. Springs removed to test dampers. Standard GTD springs powdercoated blue. Located in Devon, UK. Looking for £150 plus postage. Please PM me or email...
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    Book recommendations ? - building a 302

    Gents, I am looking to further my knowledge of building 302's. I've found there are quite a number of books available on this subject. Does anyone have any recommendations or favourites? In particular I'd be interested in something written more recently. I have the Tom Monroe book...
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    UK - Village car show in North Devon

    Gents, There is an informal car show in Braunton, North Devon. the show is in aid of the Calvert Trust, a local charity that provides adventure holidays for the disabled. Activity breaks for people with disability All welcome!
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    Wheels wanted - UK

    Gentlemen, Am looking for a set of 15 " GT40 wheels to suit 6 pin peg drive hubs. I need them in the next couple of weeks. If anyone can help with this urgent address please contact me either via this forum or [email protected] I am in SW UK. Thanks in advance. Regards...
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    Quick rack for GTD - uk source?

    Gents, Does anyone know of a UK source for a quick(er) rack to suit a GTD. I believe it's a mk3 Cortina rack?? Any leads greatly appreciated. Regards,
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    UN-1 DB conversion, which oil??

    Title says it all really, I'm wondering what the general consensus is on the 'best' oil to use in the UN-1. ISTR 75/90, any opinions?? Regards,
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    Enzo replica

    The seller describes it as 'absolutely beautiful' You can see more pictures here; eBay Motors: Replica/Kit Makes : [email protected] Enzo Replica (item 270240576024 end time Jun-01-08 12:37:19 PDT) Aaaggghhhh, my eyes!!
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    Indy 500

    All, I've been invited to go to the Indy 500 this weekend, staying downtown indianappolis for a few days. I was wondering of anyone could give me the 'heads up' on the race & the city, is where best to eat, any 'must see's in the area? Bearing in mind I don't travel outside the UK much...
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    302 failure - any opinions???

    I have an SVO 302 & after some over enthusiastic revving on a track day, ie 7000 rpm for a *very* short moment (oops!) & hitting 6500 a few times, the engine developed a serious 'clatter'.... doesn't sound like a big end or a main bearing, just a 'clatter'..... I made the following checks...
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    tie rod extensions ?? - GTD steering rack

    Has anyone purchased tie-rod extensions for a GTD steering rack?? & if so where from? Is the rack supplied by GTD a cortina part? TIA for any help!
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    GTD Restoration completed!

    Here's my GTD, on the road in August this year after I've personally completed a five year restoration/rebuild. A few weeks after the car passed it's MOT I used it for a wedding car (!!) & the week after I entered it in a ASWMC sprint to give it a proper shakedown! Despite only having covered a...
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    Any advice re my Rev counter stopped working???

    The rev counter in my GTD was working fine for 30-40 miles & all of a sudden the needle just dropped to zero. I'm using a standard GTD revcounter, with and MSD 6AL ignition and an MSD tach converter. I've done a quick visual check of all the connections & everything seems fine. I'm...