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    Renault 352 trans axle

    Renault 352 trans axle It came out of a lotus would this be a good trans axle to use? Thanks Earl
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    They have a set that are not 180 degrie heders and the clectors are side buy side and they are a little cheaper so if you didnt minde not having them 180 they would probably fit in the car better. Earl
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    the link didnt work so when you get to the web site do a serch on part number 9173801 sorry abought that Earl
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    What do you guys think abought these headers. The only problem with them I see is they dump to the right but couldnt I just cut the colectors off bend them a little and weld the colectors back on they even sell...
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    EFI Using Webers

    just thought I would give my .02 My trans Am has a 350 tpi in it with 430 on engine 600 with terbo. Im currently using an eccel gen 6 dfi but im changing to the electromotive kit that does away with the distributer. the gen 6 was great but know that im planning on running nos and a twin terbo I...
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    1075 style wide rear

    I dont see a problem using wheel spacers My 87 GTA has iin rear and 2in front My engine put out 435 Flb at the crank and I have ran meny 1/4 and use to use the car as a daily driver and have never seen a problem with them I even broke an axle while using them. This the link to Andris's web site...
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    porsche 915 trans axle

    Does any one know if the porsche 915 trans axle would be good to use I think it is out of a 1974 car. Thanks Earl S.
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    Running hot and cold!

    Hey guy, I have an option for you. On my 68 firebird I used an electric waster pump, electric fans and no thermostat. Every thing was on a timer so when the pump was on the fans are off and when the fans are on the pump is off every thing changed at 160 and that was adjustable. It also has a...
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    rover 3.5lt V8

    Isnt that the same angine as the buick 215. I belive they are the same rover bought the tooling from buick is so you can get an intake that will use 4 weber carbs. Earl S.
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    Audi 016 tranaxle

    Earl, Im new to this as well I have a fiberfab avenger not an exact replica of a gt40 but their are a few poeple out their that build them. I now of one avenger that uses the mozda and audi set up If you would like I could get you his E-mail Adress so that you could ask him a few ? Let me know...
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    Renault 369 or 915 trans. which is stronger?

    Lynn, I was just looking on the net for some info on different trans axles for a fiberfab Avenger IM working on and seen ware you said you used some late model vet parts.When I origanaly started to build my chassis I used an 86 vet for the front and rear suspension and was going to use a...