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    New Body Design on a GT40 Replica Chassis

    I've had a friend ask me in a converstation, why isn't anybody using a replica Gt40 chassis for a modern mid-engine sportscar ? My first thought was that the cost of a replica chassis is expensive to begin with, and that maybe you could find other mid-engine chassis, for less to use on a...
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    Barchetta Roadster Design

    I've had this roadster design in my drawer for a few years now, and was wondering what do you guys think? The idea was to use a transverse V6 engine on a roadster kitcar chassis, but if you lengthen the rear a bit, you could stick any V8......:) Ciao Italo
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    DESIGN of a New GT40 successor

    I've been thinking for quite awhile about a new Gt40 successor, now that production of the Ford GT has ended. If you adapt the platform/chassis sharing concept of big manufacturers, to the specialist/kitcar manufacturers, you could create different sportscars, all using the same...
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    Initial GT40 Package Drawing

    I have the initial Gt40 package drawing, with the two different design proposals, 1)the first design proposal , side mounted radiators 2) the second proposal, front mounted radiator This comes from an old design book of mine, but wanted to share this old drawing with fellow enthusiasts...
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    Stoneleigh 2007

    Is anybody going at Stoneleigh this year? any Gt40 present from the replica manufacturers? would love to see a few there, and meet some of you guys at the show. Ciao Italo
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    Newbie from italy

    I did lurk for quite awhile, but as a Gt 40 enthusiast, I thought about joining in the fun... Great site and a lot of info. Ciao Italo