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    Le Mans 1955

    Something well worth watching
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    Amazing model work

    The detail on this is just mind boggling. Well worth a watch <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Stolen GT40 Jalopnik article

    Not sure if anyone has seen this: Glad it was found so fast.
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    Monster vs Monster Truck

    I thought you might like to see this picture! I have called my car "The Monster" with, what I think, is good reason! It certainly shows the different ends of the spectrum!!! :stunned:
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    CAV A/C Fuse

    Does anyone know the size of the A/C fuse that is under the dash in the fuse holder. Mine was replaced with a very small (that has poped) fuse after the holder fried so I would like to know what size it should be.
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    Newbie - San Francisco

    Hi, I have just purchased a CAV GT40 and still have a large grin!! The car is running very rich. Does anyone have a good contact for adjusting weber carbs in the Bay Area? I suspect it might take me sometime to figure out how to get the carbs correctly set. Thanks very much, Karl