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    Clutch slipping on my GTD

    My clutch was slipping,particularly when suddenly accellerating and at higher rpm, particularly in 5th gear, so I took the gearbox off to inspect. The clutch plate and the friction surfaces at flywheel and clutch cover are basically in as new condition. The back of the clutch cover has some...
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    MK IV Replica

    Noticed this MK IV replica in Belgium 4sale. Hope the link works. MK IV
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    Why wait for Christmas?

    Just gave myself a treat and bought some must have books: Road & Track on Cobra, Shelby & Ford GT40, Ford gT40 Gold Portfolio, Ford GT40 SAE Papers, The Ford That Beat Ferrari - all pre-loved but in good condition. Hope, I find now time to drive in between reading them.
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    Thank god there was no fire

    Last weekend I took my car out for the first time this year, mainly to test the newly installed aluminium radiator.With 32°C temperature the weather was great to see how the cooling system would perform. I drove it for about 50km, the temperatures were normal but the car started to hesitate on...
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    Trip to Australia

    Hallo Robert, I will be making a trip to Downunder and be in Melbourne from 10.-22.Feb03. I would like to visit Roaring Fourties. Would any particular day be suitable? gweitzel
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    How did you get infected with the GT40 virus?

    Well, in my case it started even before I was born. Just turn your volume right up.
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    Transaxle problems - your experience

    There are a lot of messages on transaxles- and a lot of opinions too. I guess that your choice is a combination of budget, availability and how it can be fitted to your chassis/engine. I would be interested about your operating experiences. For example, how many miles/km have you actually...