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    Traction control

    Just got off the phone with a company in PA. COMPANY NAME. Racetronics. Being that Racelogic no longer makes traction control I was forced to do a deep search, thanks to Joel here on the forum he recommended I look at racetronics. The system is gps based. With or with out sensors. Design...
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    Slc how does it stack up against the super cars of the world

    Did a little comparison of 3 other cars vs. the slc. Now the stats on the slc are based on the ls3 505 hp motor. So it was underpowered V.s. the super cars. But did fairly well. Amazing on what the slc can do. Imagine putting the lt 5 in place of the ls3. Like I’m doing. Those cars are toast...
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    Slc exhaust

    I’m putting together a realistic budget for ordering and building this car. I’m up to the exhaust. Any idea. What a good estimate would be for a titanium. Or stainless tuned exhaust. I most likely will go with. A ls 7. Twin turbo from NRE. APPOX 1500 hp. 1475. Tq. I hope the traction...
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    Slc builder recommendations

    Hey there. , my name is Mario, been lurking , reading , and following posts . I have decided to buy an slc . Fell in love with this car the second I saw it . I chose not to build one my self because I’ll never finish it. My business requires a lot of time. And I’m opening a new business over...