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    ever use these

    Who has one on their car right now. Anyone under 40 know what it is?
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    Morgan 3 wheeler

    cool video on the making of a wooden chassis 3 wheeler. Fifth Gear, Morgan 3 Wheeler - YouTube!
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    F car fail

    some things cannot be unseen.
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    new crankshaft arrived

    cannot wait to install
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    favorite pit vehicle

    Saw this in the Watkins Glen Pits. Awesome!!! It got as much attention as some cars. The owner said it can go 15mph and can last more than one hour on a charge.
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    Hwy 1 Ride

    Here is what a ride on Highway 1 in California looks like. Click on the GTC Launch Film. Best if watched full screen.
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    RCR Visit

    I visited Fran this past Tuesday July 13th on very short notice. Fran was able to fit me into his busy schedule. Thanks Fran, that meant a lot. My first impression was Holy Sh*#, you need more space. My second impression was Holy SH*#, I want to work here. Several cars were being worked...
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    Porsche 910

    Saw this at Dana Point, CA car show. 1967 Porsche 910 "Werks Team" Competition coupe. chassis number 910-032. Very nice.
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    Best car for the snow?

    At least it's 4 wheel drive.
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    laguna Seca

    a few cars on display at Laguna Seca this past weekend.
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    Ford GT At Laguna Seca

    Saw this car this past weekend at Laguna Seca Sports Car Championships. Ended up in the middle of the pack after 4 hours of racing. Had a strange sponsor sticker on it.
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    Pantera Eye Candy

    Pictures taken at the Palos Verde, CA Concours
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    Bird Cage and Stratos Pics

    Bird cage Maserati and Lancia Stratos pictures from Palos Verde, CA Concours.
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    Moto Guzzi pics

    took these at the Palos Verde, CA concours.
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    Cool Chevy garage

    check out this guys small collection of chevys Another Road Trip
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    Brain Teaser

    Brain Teaser It is said that Engineers take <2 minutes to solve this, Architects 3 hours, Doctors 6 hours, Supervisors/Managers 10 hours, the rest have to ask someone. Which is the 6th number? 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ___???
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    Cosmic Motors

    COSMIC MOTORS - The Vehicles cool site
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    Jet Pak - sort of

    Now for something really practical YouTube - JetLev-Flyer Water Jet Pack Facts
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    shelby show

    Attended a Shelby show in Santa Monica, CA last weekend. Several original cobras and one MKIII. A bunch of replica cobras and a Superperformance/Safir/Shelby was on display.
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    Gulf Beetle

    This was seen in Hermosa Beach, California. I must admit that it was not getting much attention. There were many other sights at the beach that were very distracting