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  1. cribbj

    Anyone with an "in" @ ARP?

    I'm looking for some 12 point, flanged head nuts with an M11 x 1.0 thread. Yes, I know it's a weird thread size; what can I say, it's a Ferrari...... The standard Ferrari nuts are regular hex heads, and I can get these, but would prefer 12 point heads if possible. One tech from ARP told me...
  2. cribbj

    Help With a Leaky BSPP Fitting??

    I have a leak in a high pressure hydraulic circuit at a BSPP male plug fitting. This plug is the type that has a machined recess for the o-ring, and there was a square cross section o-ring there. It looked flatter than it should have, so I replaced it with a round section o-ring from a Dowty...
  3. cribbj

    RSS Feed Support?

    Recently I "discovered" Google Reader which is a handy program that goes out and collects RSS feeds from news services, forums, blogs, etc. that one subscribes to, and displays them on a single page. In layman's terms, if you like to visit 4-5 forums a day and check for new posts, this program...
  4. cribbj

    New Posts - How to Screen What Comes Up

    Probably most people use the New Posts button to save time and to see what's new on the forum, however I recently discovered a handy way to screen what pops up when you hit the New Posts. If you're not interested in, for example, The Paddock, and don't want to see new posts there, simply go...
  5. cribbj

    Five Stars for Auto Wiring Solutions

    Discovered a new vendor recently, and they get five stars from me for their products & service. They are Auto Wiring Solutions, in San Antonio, TX. A mom & pop operation owned and operated by Mr. Bill Harloe & his wife. Bill is a "senior" type guy who has 30 years experience in automotive &...
  6. cribbj

    Porsche G50 Clutches?

    For those running the G50 gearbox, which/whose clutches do you like (or dislike)? push/pull type? organic/metallic/ceramic/kevlar linings? full face, puck, single disc or multi? conventional slave & fork, or hydraulic release bearing?
  7. cribbj

    High speed flanged coupling required

    Not exactly a GT40 question, but is related to power transmission. I'm looking for a high speed coupling to mate two 5/8" or 3/4" half shafts together, and it would be equipped with a mounting flange that a gear or pulley could bolt to. Has to be good for 10K rpm, and able to transmit...
  8. cribbj

    Engine Oil Flow Requirement

    I'd like to hear comments/opinions about an engine's "real" oil flow and pressure requirements? Some builders reckon a 30 GPM dry sump pump is bypassing around 2/3 of its flow at high RPM and pressure. Too, the old rule of thumb of 10psi per 1000 RPM isn't holding anymore. Apparently some...
  9. cribbj

    F1 Ignition Systems

    Just curious what ignition technology is favored in F1 and other high end racing these days? Back around 2000 the F1 teams were pretty evenly split between capacitive discharge and inductive (transistor). Each has its strengths. Does anyone know what's being favored now?
  10. cribbj

    Custom R&P Set?

    Am looking for a custom ring & pinion set for a torsen diff in a conventional front engine, RWD, Japanese sport coupe. Have contacted Richmond, Quaife, Albins, CMS, JawsGear, Precision without any luck. Everyone wants an order for a minimum of 100 sets. Anyone know of a small, capable gear...
  11. cribbj

    New MoTeC PDM

    Don't know if many people have seen or heard about this yet, but it's a very nice, new, remote I/O interface that MoTeC have brought out. It can operate as a standalone I/O controller, or can communicate with a MoTeC ECU via the CAN bus. My friend at MoTeC told me the outputs can be...
  12. cribbj

    Math/Statistics Wizards ---- Help!

    I'm an engineer, not a mathematician or statistician, but I'm sure there's a logical explanation how this works: - website designer
  13. cribbj

    Race Engine Technology Magazine?

    Anyone subscribe to this? More to the point, is it good enough that you've renewed your subscription? Race Engine Technology Magazine
  14. cribbj

    Fran's new avatar

    Fran, so what's the hidden meaning behind your new avatar, are you officially a ricer now?
  15. cribbj

    Joke: An Email from the Wife

    New twist on an old photo To my darling husband, Before you return from your trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway. Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't get hurt, so please don't worry too much about me...
  16. cribbj

    Resizing Clutch Master / Slave Cylinders

    This gentleman: and Sierra Specialty Automotive. provides clutch and/or brake cylinder resleeving, boring, refinishing services. Very nice work and reasonable prices. If your pedal is a tad heavy and/or you have an on/off clutch and want to redo your ratios a bit, he's your...
  17. cribbj

    Is GT40s a Cliquish Forum?

    The subject of cliques here at comes up occasionally. Let's see what everyone thinks - it's an anonymous poll, so no one will know who thinks what, only the final results will be visible.
  18. cribbj

    Stainless/Chrome braided sleeving?

    Anyone tried stainless, chrome or mylar type sleeving for dress-up of their engine bay wiring? The sleeving coming out of the DOHC valley of Hasselgren's Toyota Atlantic motor is similar, but not quite what I'm describing. Still looks hot though.
  19. cribbj

    Pic of Lexus & Ford Mod Motor?

    Awhile back there was a pic posted of the Lexus aluminum 4.0l motor sitting next to the Ford 4.6l mod motor. If anyone has this pic, could you repost it? I think it was before the switch to the new forum software, and it may have been lost in the shuffle. TIA, John
  20. cribbj

    Cop Quotes

    These 16 police comments were supposedly taken from actual police car videos around the world: 16 "You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through." 15 "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch out after you wear them a while." 14...