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    Another interesting 917, factory supported 1981 build

    I posted about it in "RCRs Next Car Should Be"..... It is currently for sale.... Jan Lühn Cheers Jennifer
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    Nice 917 documentary on Vimeo

    Porsche 917 on Vimeo Enjoy!:thumbsup: Jennifer
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    917 on Vimeo, Deutch spoken, no English

    Porsche P917 - Die Begeisterung lebt weiter on Vimeo Can anybody translate? I assume at these are Porsche factory people talking about the car and campaigns... Jennifer
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    Mk II at Minnesota State Fair in '66 or '67 ??

    It was probably the autumn of 1967, but it might have been '66. Ford had GT40 on display at the Minnesota State Fair, probably it was in the month of August, well after LeMans, held in the spring. It was presented as the race winning Mk!!, but I suspect it may have been a look-alike out on the...